Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo constructed sand art on the event called “The Massive Earth Summit-2018”

Bhubaneswar: International Sand Artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has constructed a sand art on the event called “The Massive Earth Summit-2018” which is organized for protection of the environment.

Polythene, plastic bottles, hard plastic materials, other waste materials, etc are not easily degraded to earth’s soil, and these remain static for centuries on both land and on water surface which makes a severe negative effect on environment as well as on natural inhabitants of earth, which in the long run could endanger the survival of humanity.

Basing on these facts Manas Sahoo has depicted in his sand art that at one side it is shown urbanisation and industrial development occurs where tones and tones of waste is produced which causes the environment pollution. And on the other side at “The Massive Earth Summit” it is the subject matter of how plastic can be recycled and reused which can prevent pollution of this earth by massive plantation, by using solar power for electricity generation and by using natural resources to generate electricity for electric fans, with these pollution-free health environment is created. The 2018 MASSIVE Earth Summit brings together thought leaders from diverse fields to share their views and insights on Pollution-as-Resource mindset.

This sand art is of 20 feet of width, and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. To built this sculpture it took nearly seven hours to complete. Here he has given the message of “Save The Earth”.

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