Samagra Shiksha a dedicated component for Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs (CWSN) : Annpurna Devi

New Delhi : The Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education conducted the National Achievement Survey (NAS) of Classes III, V & VIII in 2017, Class X in 2018 and Class III, V, VIII and X in 2021. Through the survey in 2021, students in Government, Government-aided and Private unaided schools across 720 districts in all 36 States & UTs were assessed, based on the Learning Outcomes developed by NCERT. Over 34 lakh students including Divyang children participated in the survey. The survey process incorporated provisions such as additional time, scribes and suitable adaptations as per the needs of Divyang children in order to facilitate an equitable assessment of all children.

As per UDISE 2021-22, the Children with Special Needs (CWSN) enrolment is 0.89% of total enrolment of children. The State & UT-wise enrolment of CWSN in percentage is at Annexure-I.

In the year 2018-19, the Department of School Education & Literacy, MHRD has launched Samagra Shiksha – an integrated scheme for School Education covering children with special needs from classes I to XII. The Scheme is governed and regulated by the provisions of the RTE Act, 2009. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 enshrines the entitlement to free and compulsory elementary education, access to school and barrier free access for all children including Divyang children. Section 3(2) of the RTE Act lays emphasis on the elementary education of all differently abled children. As per the Amendment of 2012, the RTE Act also mandates that, a child with multiple and/or severe disabilities, has the right to opt for home based education.

Under Samagra Shiksha, there is a dedicated component for Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs (CWSN) through which various provisions are made available for the educational needs of differently abled children such as, identification & assessment camps, provision of aids, appliances, assistive devices, teaching learning materials (TLMs), ICT resources like JAWS & SAFA, as well as transportation, escort & scribe allowances and stipend for all girls with special needs (from I to XII). Further, individualized support is provided through therapeutic interventions at the block level. Further CWSN with severe impairment requiring individualised attention are provided home based education through special educators.

A separate provision for financial support of Special Educators has been made under Samagara Shiksha in order to appropriately address the educational requirements of children with special needs from elementary to higher secondary levels. Samagra Shiksha also has provisions for ramps, handrails and disabled friendly toilets for barrier free access to schools for all children.

The focus of Samagra Shiksha is on providing inclusive education to children with special needs wherein, children regardless of their abilities/disabilities participate and learn together in the same class, thus creating an enabling educational environment for all students.

In addition, CBSE being sensitive to the needs of Divyang students provides several exemptions/concessions to CWSN as defined in The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act – 2016 such as issuing authority of Medical Certificate, facility of Scribe and compensatory time, appointment of Scribe and related instructions, fee and special exemptions for class X like exemption from third language, flexibility in choosing subjects, alternate questions/Separate Question and special exemptions for class XII like flexibility in choosing subjects, separate question paper and questions in lieu of practical component. The details of the CWSN who appeared in class X and class XII board examinations for the year 2022 and their pass percentage is as under:

Class Number of CWSN appeared Pass percentage
X 6053 93.42
XII 4395 93.11



Percentage of CwSN studying in Schools (State and UT wise)

Total CWSN Enrolment -2021-22
S.No. States/Uts Total Enrolment (Grade I to XII) CWSN Enrolment %
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 66976 527 0.79
Andhra Pradesh 8167256 92262 1.13
Arunachal Pradesh 328306 3038 0.93
Assam 7101572 55245 0.78
Bihar 27046438 177989 0.66
Chandigarh 246568 3755 1.52
Chhattisgarh 5764230 77249 1.34
Dadra & Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu 128247 1178 0.92
Delhi 4318482 27026 0.63
Goa 282426 3779 1.34
Gujarat 11377585 73912 0.65
Haryana 5792034 25718 0.44
Himachal Pradesh 1332148 6864 0.52
Jammu & Kashmir 2323395 19867 0.86
Jharkhand 7688207 51665 0.67
Karnataka 11827353 98961 0.84
Kerala 5854948 138413 2.36
Ladakh 49070 1052 2.14
Lakshadweep 12004 208 1.73
Madhya Pradesh 15427286 139258 0.90
Maharashtra 22060834 260251 1.18
Manipur 631471 4759 0.75
Meghalaya 954938 4601 0.48
Mizoram 277337 3976 1.43
Nagaland 367175 4084 1.11
Odisha 7527517 146512 1.95
Puducherry 233028 2288 0.98
Punjab 5352046 66776 1.25
Rajasthan 17175003 80910 0.47
Sikkim 116329 1320 1.13
Tamilnadu 12167300 156359 1.29
Telangana 6763649 40014 0.59
Tripura 684179 3914 0.57
Uttar Pradesh 46774404 327385 0.70
Uttarakhand 2355768 5080 0.22
West Bengal 17165114 160599 0.94
  India 255740623 2266794 0.89
  Source: UDISE+ 2021-22

The information was given by the Minister of State for Education, Smt. Annpurna Devi in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.

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