Sahitya Akademi Award winner Paramita Satpathy’s books translated in Hindi



New Delhi: Eminent Odia writer Paramita Satpathy’s three books translated in Hindi. The novel ‘Abhipret Kaal’, story collection ‘Prathi’ and poetry-collection ‘Tum and Shabd’ were launched by the senior Hindi critic Prof. Manager Pandey.

In his speech, Prof. Manager Pandey said, “Paramita Satpathy Ji and her literature both are of very old acquaintance of his; and in his mind she is the first writer who writes in two languages: Odia and English.” On Odia literature and pointing towards Paramita Satpathy work he said, “Where there is both knowledge and sympathy, good literature is born there. All Odia writers are writers of knowledge and Sympathy.”

After this, all three books were discussed. Critic and writer Dr. Chandrakala Singh discussed the collection of stories: Prathi (which has received the Sahitya Akademi Award); famous critic and lecturer at Delhi University, Rekha Sethi, discussed the collection of poems: Tum and Shabd; and Novel: Abhipret Kaal (which has received the Sharla Samman Odisha) was discussed by Dr. Jayaprakash Kardam, a distinguished litterateur associated with Dalit literature.

Later, Paramita Satpathy expressed her thoughts about devotion towards literature and also recited two of her poems. She said, “in her long journey with words and feelings she is often bewildered to find an amazing canvass of human lives, their ecstasies and pain, their convictions, their defeats and victories so on and so forth”

Present in book launch event, Sahitya Akademi Award winning poetess Anamika; and novelist Geetanjali Shri praised and congratulated Paramita’s women’s writings and poems.

On this occasion Dr. Anamika, Mr. Gyaneshwar Mulay, Dr. Ashish Kundhave, Mr. Narayan Kumar, Dr. Ranjit Saha, Mr. Harisuman Bisht, Mr. Kumar Anupam, Mr. Brajendra Tripathi, Dr. Om Prakash Singh, Mr. Ram Gopal Sharma, Ms. Geetanjali Sri, Sri. Mahesh Mirror, Shri Vinod Kumar Agrawal, and many Hindi litterateurs were present.

Hindi translation of Paramita’s Hindi novel ‘Abhipret Kaal’ has been done by well-known litterateur Dr. Ajay Kumar Patnaik and it has been published by Pralek Prakashan of Mumbai. Story collection ‘Prathi’ and poetry-collection ‘Tum and Shabd’ has been translated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad Mishra. ‘Prarti’ has been published by Sahitya Akademi and poetry collection ‘Tum and Shabd’ has been published by Alokparv Prakashan.

It is noteworthy that Paramita Satpathy was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in the year 2016 for her story collection ‘Prapti’. The novel ‘Abhipret Kaal’ has been awarded with Odisha’s highest ‘Sharla Samman’ in 2021.



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