Royal Enfield announced the launch of the new Himalayan across India, Europe and the UK

New Delhi: Royal Enfield, the global leader in mid-size motorcycles (250cc-750cc), today announced the launch of the new Himalayan across India, Europe and the UK, in three new distinctive, terrain-inspired colourways, along with a range of upgrades. The versatile adventure-touring motorcycle will now be available in New Granite Black (mix of matte and gloss), Mirage Silver, Pine Green, in addition to the existing colourways Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Grey. With this launch, the Himalayan now gets the Make It Yours – MiY – initiative allowing
customers to personalize and accessorize their motorcycle across all channels – the RE App, the website and at dealerships.
The new Himalayan will also feature the Royal Enfield Tripper, simple and intuitive turn-by-turn navigation pod. The
new model also gets several upgrades to the seat, the rear carrier, front rack and a new windscreen, making the versatile
adventure tourer even more capable and comfortable.
Launched with a purpose of creating a distinct sub-category under adventure touring, the Himalayan has been hugely
successful, and has a growing community of adventure riders across the globe. Purpose-built and practical, the Himalayan
debuted in 2016, and over the last 5 years, it has definitively carved out a strong category of accessible adventure touring
across the world.
A simple, capable, and ‘go-anywhere’ motorcycle, the Himalayan was inspired by Royal Enfield’s experience of over 50
years of riding across the Himalayas. Owing to its versatility, simplicity and competence, the Himalayan has received
incredible response from riders across the world. The Himalayan today is recognized as a truly capable adventure tourer
by global motorcycle experts, has been featured on the covers of top global automobile magazines, and is among the
leading Royal Enfield motorcycles being sold across several geographies, including Europe, America, Latin America and
South East Asia.
Commenting on the journey of the Himalayan and the launch of the new motorcycle, Mr Vinod K Dasari, CEO,
Royal Enfield said “In a short span of just 5 years, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has opened up a new category within
global adventure touring, has successfully established itself as a truly global motorcycle, and has been among the most
sought after motorcycle for Royal Enfield across several geographies. The originally developed 2016 Himalayan was a
category first, and was a very versatile and accessible motorcycle. Over the years, together with feedback from our riding
community, we have consistently evolved the Himalayan in design and functionality, and improved the overall ride
experience. This has resonated very well with millions of adventure enthusiasts across the world, who now have new
variants to choose from. With today’s launch, we are confident to further fuel the adventure touring space across the
Inspired by its community and riding enthusiasts, the Himalayan has consistently evolved with aesthetic as well as
functional upgrades to enhance the overall ride experience, both on and off the road. The new Himalayan retains the
original versatility and vigour, and makes the ride experience more engaging by adding the Royal Enfield Tripper, a
focused navigation display device for real-time directions, built with Google Maps Platform and paired via the Royal
Enfield App to the rider’s smartphone. With this launch, Royal Enfield also introduces the MiY tool on the Himalayan
making it possible for customers to personalize their motorcycle with a host of accessories for added style, comfort and
protection including touring mirror kit, comfort seats, handlebar brace and pad, aluminium panniers and mounting kits.
The new Himalayan comes with improved seat cushioning allowing riders to enjoy extended saddle time with even more
comfort. The new windscreen keeps the wind off the rider, thereby leading to more comfortable and enjoyable miles on
the saddle. The rear carrier on the new Himalayan now comes with an additional plate to ensure secure fastening and
placement of any luggage. Additionally the rear carrier is now also reduced in height, making it easier for riders to mount
the motorcycle. With the new and lean ergonomically adjusted front rack, the rider faces minimal interference around the
legs while riding, thus, improving the overall comfort and experience.
The new Royal Enfield Himalayan will be available in three new colourways – the new Granite Black , Mirage Silver,
and Pine Green, adding to the existing portfolio of three colour variants – Rock Red, Lake Blue, and Gravel Grey. The
motorcycle will be available for booking and test rides across all Royal Enfield stores in India starting at INR. 201314

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