Nowadays Rotogravure printing uses a printing cylinder that has been laser engraved with minute cells capable to preserving ink, the size, and sample of which mirror the particular image. These cells are pressured to switch their ink at once onto the substrate via way of means of a mixture of stress and capillary action, so generating the broadcast image.

So, let’s get to know in detail.

Main Procedures

  1. Engraved Cylinder
  2. Impression Cylinder
  3. Ink Foundation
  4. Doctor Blade Assembly
  5. Dryer


  1. Engraved Cylinder

The image carrier of the Rotogravure printing machine is generally known as engraved cylinder. It is made from steel hollow cylinders and it is electroplated by Nickel and Copper. The doctor blade is coated by the Chromium layer to protect image cells.

There are three types of Cylinders Engraving Methods

  • Chemical Etching
  • Laser Engraving
  • Diamond Stylus Engraving

Chemical Etching

A negative film is applied to a non-image area that is commonly known as resist. During etching it resists the chemical to go into non-image areas.

Laser Engraving

This process utilizes a printing cylinder that has been laser engraved with minute cells which is capable to preserve ink, the pattern, and size, which mirror the required image. These cells are requisite to move their ink directly onto the material by an intermixture of pressure and capillary action, this is how the image is printed.

  1. Impression roller

A rubber enfolds sleeve is set up on a steel mandrel.

Its primary goal is to press the substance against the printing cylinder.

Inking system contain an ink pen, ink holding tank, and ink pump with supply and return ink pipes.

  1. Ink Foundation

In the Rotogravure printing process, there are two types of Ink used.

  • Water-Based Ink
  • Solvent-Based Ink

 Water-Based Ink

These types of inks specifically used for product gravure and packaging require a longer drier disclosure time and a higher temperature in order to drive off the lower vapor pressure constituents and water. As mentioned in, following section Flexo and Gravure inks are very ordinary and the component is mainly the carbon copy. Maybe needed a pollution control device.

Solvent-Based Ink

Gravure inks are fluid inks with a very little viscosity that allow them to get into the engraved cells in the cylinder then move onto the material.

So as to dry the ink and drive off the solvents, which usually restore most of the solvent, the paper is run over Gas fired or electric-fired driers.

Before the paper move to the next Rotogravure printing station, the ink will dry in advance.

This is compulsory because wet inks cannot be overprinted without coating and smudging. So, after each Rotogravure printing station, high-volume air dryers are set down.

The solvent-laden air is passing through either a solvent vapor incinerator or solvent recovery system. To soak up the solvent, a standard recovery system uses beds of activated carbon.

By steam, saturated beds are revived. The liquefy and by gravity the water and solvent segregate.

Using this process more than 95 percent of the ink solvents can be recovered using this process. By incineration, the solvents can be reprocessed or demolished.

  1. Doctor Blade

The doctor blade is a device that segregates ink from the non-engraved portion of the Rotogravure printing and also segregate extra ink from the engraved portion.

  1. Drying system

Consisting of a chamber that dries the ink once it is on the material and preceding to it get to the next Rotogravure printing unit.

Drier capabilities are dedicated based on the requisite printing speed, ink type solvent or water-based, and ink set down the volume.

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