Rishi – You have locked up yourself and lost the keys too… #Rishikapoor

Mumbai: Rishi is no more with us, he has locked himself up with GOD forever and we can see him no more. Such a wonderful man, but he too had to leave the world.

I am deeply saddened not only because he deserved to live longer due to his loving nature, but also because Neetu deserves to live their love story longer. She is yet another symbol of affection.

My association with the family goes back to 1980s. During every visit to Mumbai, I used to stay in their house. I have in fact accompanied both Rishi and Neetu to one Social Gathering in Bombay. Their family culture is amazing and each one of them looks out for the others. The bond is strong. I still remember young Karisma running around with a flute, dancing and playing.

Even though they were from the celluloid field with numerous fans and admirers and had a reputed family background, at heart they were very simple and down to earth. On one of my visits when I returned to their home after attending the surgical association meeting I was late for lunch. To my surprise, I saw Neetu waiting for me , which we had around 3 o’clock.

When I asked her why she waited for such a long time, her response was that Krishnaji had gone out and Rishi was busy in the studio and there was nobody to give her company and so when I came for lunch she was happy for my company.

It was actually the other way round. She wanted me to feel at home. Instead of saying all were busy and she had to give me company, she said she felt lonely and so waited for me to give her company at lunch. I was really amazed by her thoughtfulness. This shows their simplicity and large heart. The last time I had met Rishi was in Delhi when his brother-in-law Mr. Raja n Nanda expired.

When human beings achieve what they want to achieve in life, they become simpler and down to earth. This family is one such example. They are just full of values and care for others.

Today, with heavy heart I am joined by my family in extending our deepest condolences to Neetu, children and the whole family of the KAPOORs.