The Rich Cultural Heritage, Art And Tradition Of Odhisa Taking Wings In Abu Dhabi by Odia Samaj Abudhabi (OSA)

Abudhabi : Indian People’s Forum hosted a cultural extravaganza, named “BHARATHOTHSAV 2017” at the Sudani Social Club in Abu Dhabi on 6th October 2017 (Friday). This event was attended by expat Indians from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.
The expat community represented their respective states and presented events depicting their unique cultural heritage, art, and traditions. The expat community from Abu Dhabi, especially the Odia community members from Odia Samaj Abu Dhabi (OSA) presented a bouquet of multi-dimensional cultural programs which enthralled the audience of more than 500 spectators present at the event.
The world witnessed and recognized the rich cultural heritage of India, which has been the flag bearer of a multicultural and multi-dimensional powerhouse of art and traditions unparalleled by any other country in this world. Over that our motherland Odisha occupies a unique place in the cultural ethos of the country.
Odisha has a rich cultural heritage which dates back to thousands of years. The people of the state are credited for establishing cultural and commercial ties with other countries much before any other state or community did so. Spreading our culture and traditions across borders, have been handed over to us by our ancestors. So what the members of Odisha Samaj Abu Dhabi did during BHARATHoTHSAV was a continuation of our age-old traditions.
The cultural program staged by OSA started with a documentary celebrating the rich cultural heritage, art and traditions of Odisha. It was followed by a prayer in honor of the motherland. The audience was spellbound when small children representing OSA performed Odisi dance. The ladies were not to be left behind.
They performed RASALKELI and DALKHAI dance items accompanied by related musical instruments and song. The spectators could not stop themselves from swaying to the beats and musical strains of such unique and enthralling performances. The members of OSA also staged a fashion show where models demonstrated unique dressing styles of each province of the state.
The gala event was a grand success and Odisha Samaj Abu Dhabi is thankful to all the participants and members for their efforts in upholding and spreading the unique and rich cultural heritage in this distant land. The program presented by Odisha Samaj Abu Dhabi was unique in concept and presentation from those showcased by other states of India.

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