Republic Day Parade Tableau by Ministry of Labour and Employment to Depict Historical Labour Reforms Brought in Recently

New Delhi: The Ministry of Labour and Employment has prepared a parade Tableau for this year’s Republic Day Parade. The tableau shall depict historical labour reforms brought in by the government during recent past. The theme of the tableau is मेहनत को सम्मान, अधिकार एक समान which translates to ‘respect for hard work and equal rights for all’.

The tableau art portrays the transformation that will come into the life of organised and unorganised workers aftertheimplementation of the recent labour codes. The design thought is a celebration of all-round well-being and security of the workers.

The front of the tableau has a huge structure of a very confident and empowered worker – holding a tool and leading the way. A yellow safety cap on his head suggests social security, wage security and health security provided under labour reforms.

The middle portion of the tableau shows glimpse of workers from various industries along with a mobile app showing DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) facility and a medical aid suggestion which reads, “Swasth Shramik, Swasth Bharat”, which means Healthy Worker. This is to highlight the medical and financial protection being given to them.

The rear part shows workers finding shelter under a big yellow helmet with “Safety first” written over it. The wheels carry messages of social security and clean work environment that is available round the clock. Alongside the tableau, gig and platform workers and artists will perform as delivery boy, cargo carrier, etc.


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