Renewable Energy Research Institute to come up in Odisha

Bhubaneswar:  Odisha will soon have a world class Renewable Energy Research Institute to perform research and technology development in the field of renewable energy sources. The institute, shall be known as “The Odisha Renewable Energy Research Institute (ORERI)”, will be the first dedicated Research Institute in Odisha focussing on areas such as renewable energy, environmental sciences, sustainability, circular economy, waste management and climate change. The institute’s goal is to make the dream of a clean energy future a reality, as well as to train future experts in the field and give the industrial sector novel innovative technologies designed and developed by experts.

“The main objective for renewable energy deployment in India is to advance economic progress, improve energy security, improve access to clean energy, affordability and mitigate climate change. Recently, India has announced that it aims to reach net zero emissions by 2070. This is a significant step for the fight against climate change. In this context, ORERI will perform cutting-edge research on developing renewable energy technologies and their field implementation to mitigate climate change,” Dr Sanjib Kumar Karmee, founder and director of ORERI said.


The institute will perform pilot project demonstrations and aims to be a leading incubation centre for startups, emerging business and entrepreneurs, he further added.


In particular, the institute will work towards reaching India’s goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070 – a goal established considering the ongoing climate crisis. Furthermore, the renewable energy institute will enable Odisha to become a leader in the field, in alignment with India’s national renewable energy policy. For the first time, an institute is being established that will be led by expert comprised of a combination of members of academia, industry and government.

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