Reliance Retail extends Jio Digital Life with special offers on JioFi

Mumbai: Reliance Retail, India’s largest retailer, is now delighting customers with attractive cashback offers on JioFi (the portable 4G voice and data hotspot device). These offers will facilitate 2G & 3G Phone users as well as Laptop and Tablet users to move to Jio Digital Life.

Reliance Retail has introduced two special ‘cashback offers’ on JioFi devices across various channels of sales for the convenience of the customer. The two offers namely, “100% cashback offer under exchange” and “50% cashback offer without exchange” are available to customers buying a new JioFI device at the current retail price. All that a customer has to do is buy a new JioFI device and subscribe to a new Jio sim connection to avail the cashback benefits which will be available through add-on high speed data vouchers.

Special 100% cashback offer under the exchange scheme has been launched keeping in mind customers wanting to exchange their existing old dongles / data cards / Wifi Hotspot routers. The 100% Cash back offer available at multi brand retail outlets and online at, is an attractive cashback offer with customer receiving full value back by receiving 4G Data vouchers worth Rs. 2010. So Customer just buys a new JioFi with a new Jio SIM, exchanges old dongle and gets 100% Value back. This attractive offer is live across India, but is only available for a limited period.

This 100% Cashback offer is exclusively designed for customers to enjoy 100% value with JioFi, a device that works with Laptops, Tablets, 2G / 3G / 4G Smartphones, Smart TVs, and other wifi enabled devices.

There is another fantastic offer for customers who would want to buy a JioFi but do not have a Dongle / Wifi Hotspot router to avail exchange offers. This is the 50% non-exchange cashback offer i.e. JioFi is effectively available only at Rs. 994/- (substantially less than the actual cost of Rs. 1999/-). This offer is available across all channels as indicated above for customers who want to buy a JioFI device without exchanging any old data card / dongle. Under this offer customers can buy a new JioFi and receive a cashback of 4G Data voucher worth Rs 1005/-.

JioFi, the portable 4G Voice + Data device from Jio is available at Reliance Digital, Jio stores, as well as several thousand other multi-brand retail stores across the country including online channels. The channels where these JioFI cashback offers are available include Device channel, recharge channels, IT Channel stores that sell Laptops / Tablets, Modern Trade channel stores and online at In addition customer can also do direct to home order with Express Delivery option and get JioFI delivered at Home by simply calling “1800-200-2002”.

Above all with these offers, the customer also will be able to enjoy the Jio Prime Membership with Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan benefits by recharging with a total of Rs 408 for the first recharge which entitles customers to unlimited data and voice calls for a period of 84 days. Subscribers can avail 1GB of 4G data every day during this period and on exhausting the 1GB data limit subscribers can continue to access unlimited data at revised speeds. Additionally, with the new cashback offers customers can continue to enjoy 4G data even beyond the daily FUP limit of 1 GB through the cashback data vouchers, applicable with each subsequent recharge post the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer period.

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