Reasons to Play Starburst Slot



So you’ve gotten bored of slots but you still love the game? Well, here are three great reasons to try a slots game that promises unique fun, good returns, and a new spin on an old classic game type. Its called Starburst Touch Slot from game and it is really convenient because it can be played on either a desktop or on mobile devices — so the fun can be had from anywhere. At home or on the go, the Starburst Touch Slot game is always just a spin away!

Starburst Touch Slot uses a classic five-reel, three-row layout and incorporates what is known as the Starburst Wild symbol that appears only in reel two, three, and four, in combination with re-spins, both way-wins, and stacked reels. 10 different pay lines available on five separate game reels keep the odds varied, with a low to medium variance at an RTP of 96.10 percent.

Betting between one and 10 coins per line gives you the opportunity to choose your risk level. As a player, you also have the option to just play for fun or crank it up and see a payout by making wages with real money. On Seven Jackpots you can just buy into their online casino and start playing Starburst Touch Slot today!

Anyone familiar with slots will immediately recognize this game, yet NetEnt has tried to keep it simple while making sure it still stands out — even in the crowded field of online slots games.

Bonus Features

Customization in Starburst Touch Slot keeps the experience fresh by picking different levels and lines. In this way, you can pick your wager based on the lines, and decrease or increase your wager amount. The coin value wager can be customized between 0.01 and 1.

Selecting the Max Bet button lets you get into Starburst Touch Slot fun right away. The above-mentioned Starburst Wild symbols may appear on lines two, three, or four and remain for the player’s next three spins. The Starburst Wild symbols can be won progressively, meaning that they’re added to the existing ones you already have.

Free Spins

Touching on the Starburst Wild symbols in Starburst Touch Slot again, you receive free spins when you get a symbol on lines two to four. The free spin amount does depend though on the Starburst symbol location and how many are there. Also, keep in mind that those who have registered can also get free spins. And of course, the more free spins you get, the more chances you have of hitting the big jackpot.

Winning Symbols

Image via Flickr by Mollenborg

You can win up to 50,000 coins in a single game of Starburst touch slot, so play and get paid because when you get Starburst symbols to match across winning lines, you’ve won the jackpot! The wager amount is determined by being paired with matching symbols. You’ll appreciate the winning symbols, as they are similar to those in the classic casino slot machines we all know and love.

Don’t forget that your chances of winning the big Starburst Touch Slot jackpot improve by giving you, the player, Starburst Wild symbols and free spins. For the same fun and excitement found in the casino, right on your desktop or mobile device, give Starburst Touch Slot a spin. You’ll never go back to Las Vegas again!