Rath Yatra 2023: Chariot-making in Puri Advances Ahead Of The Divine Festival

In the RathaKhala today, except for the front part of the three chariots, while the work of the three sides has been completed, the first floor of the chariots has been bent on both sides.

Along with this, the color work continues on the sides of the chariots, Dev Devi, Sakhi, Olat Shua, etc. In the workshop, Potol Kanta are made with various clamps.

At RathaKhala the ‘Taga Badia’ works on the three sides of the chariots apart from the front side have been fixed and the ‘Kainchi’ have been placed on both sides of the ‘Prathama Bhuin’.

The colour work of ‘Parswa Deba Debi, Sakhi, Olata Sua’ etc is going on. At ‘Kamarasala’, the making of various ‘Clamps’ along with the ‘Potala’ nails are going on.


Rath Yatra 2023