Rath Yatra 2018 has a new venue for tourists to experience “ Lord Jagannath” and Jagannath culture

Bhubaneswar: To attract more tourists for ensuing Rath Yatra, Exhibition of Paintings on “Lord Jagannath” from 14th July to 28th July organized by city’s Suvadra Art Gallery. Gallery chairman Surya Rath told reporters here on Saturday a large collection of best quality paintings including acrylic, water colour, charcoal and mixed media paintings are on display in the expo exclusively devoted to Lord Jagannath. Gallery director Ashok Nayak said that,” By its wonderful power of assimilation it has effected the synthesis of all cultural communities, States and universe. One of the major salient feature of culture of Lord Jagannath is tolerance which is an outstanding human value propagated by culture of Lord Jagannath which postulates with every way of life as its contribution in its specific way to the human welfare. The exhibition is dedicated to the promotion of Jagannath culture among art lovers throughout the world who are visiting Odisha in the time of auspicious Rath Yatra. About 50 paintings by eminent artists like Pranam Singh (Banaras), Sunil Viswakarma (Banaras) , Rabi Narayana Rath, Baladev Moharatha, Manas Ranjan Jena, Sunil Viswakarma, Binodini Behera,, Rajiv Lochan Sahoo, Durga Das, Siba Panigrahi, Kumud Dash, Tapan Dash, Chintamani Biswal, Dr. Geetika, Fakira Mallik, Harekrishna Pal, Jitendra Sahoo, Khokan Sarkar, Kailash Chandra Rana, Kishore kumar Dalai Manoj Kumar Mohanty Narayan Maharana, Nidhi Tripathi , Pankaj Verma, Pankaj. Soni, Pankaj Kuma Varma, Rabi Narayan Rath, Suddhasata Mishra, Sharda Singh, Satyendra Singh Baoni, Subhamaya Biswal, Swarnalata Satpathy, Santosh Ghathary, Suprava Choudhury, Sasikanta Rout, Shraddha Chaturvedi, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Sunil Singh Kushwah, Shalini Yadav, Saubhagya Mahapatra, Vishakha Pathak, Shakti man Panda, Bibhudatta Kalachand Pradhan and othersl bing showcased in the exhibition to create Jagannath awarenessers and to create Jagannath vibes among the tourists visiting Odisha at the time of RathYatra2018 . Lord Jagannath as we know now is the God of masses, but not of individuals with individual choice and thus naturally Jagannath culture has been observed as a mass culture. People of diverse faith with their distinct social backgrounds have worshipped Lord Jagannath as their own. The exhibition on Lord Jagannath at Suvadra Art Gallery started from Sri Gundicha and will be in view till July 28.

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