Rasna announces Saina Nehwal as the brand ambassador for Rasna Native Haat Honey, Honey Vita

Hyderabad: Rasna, the world’s first manufacturer of instant fruit-based concentrate, believes in giving its consumers what they want. Today’s consumer has become very health conscious and wants to go back to their ethnic roots with natural ingredients like honey, essential oil, spice oil, badam powder etc. Keeping this in mind, with a promise of no chemicals and preservatives, Rasna has given birth to a new brand ‘Rasna Native Haat’.

Rasna Native Haat comes with a one-line promise to consumers to, ‘go back to nature’. This is best exemplified in the product offerings Rasna Native Haat Aampanna, Shikanji which are available in powder form as well as ready to drink form. Now as an addition to the product portfolio, Rasna is pleased to announce launch of Rasna Native Haat Honey Vita & Badam Vita Powder and Honey in following SKUs:

Honey Vita (Chocolate Flavour) – 18g, 100g (75g+25gFree), 600g (450g+150gFree), 500g
Badam Vita (Badam Flavour) – 12g, 200g
Honey (Natural) – 750g, 500g, 250g, 50g

Badam Vita powder is enriched with 21 Vitamins, minerals, almond extract while Honey Vita Powder has the goodness of honey and has 21 vitamins, minerals, malt extracts, cereal extracts, making it a complete energy drink.

To further promote the products, Rasna Native Haat is pleased to announce its new Brand Ambassador, Ms. Saina Nehwal, who has shot a TV Commercial for both, Honey and Honey Vita products.

Speaking at the event today Mr. Piruz Khambatta Chairman of Rasna Pvt. Ltd said, “We are extremely happy to collaborate with Saina Nehwal for our new ad campaign. Saina embodies the attributes of Rasna’s Native Haat range which focuses on health products that are chemical and preservatives free. We are committed to providing our consumers with new and innovative products.”

Speaking about her association with Rasna, Saina Nehwal said, “Rasna is one of the most trusted brands in India. It has been one of my favourite drinks growing up. I am thrilled to associate with the brand for Honey and Honey Vita under the Rasna Native Haat umbrella that focuses on natural and healthy products.”