Rapid Response Launched KALAMITRA DOLLS, a livelihood project for Cyclone Fani affected Communities in Odisha


Puri: An award winning organization providing Disaster Response across India clinched as Rapid Response launched KALAMITRA DOLLS, a livelihood project for Cyclone Fani affected Communities in Odisha on 17th June 2019 at Raghurajpur village, Puri. Since the aftermath of Cyclone Fani, the Rapid Response team has been providing relief support to the cyclone affected communities in Odisha.

Chief Guest, Shri Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi, Minister of Tourism & Culture, Government of Odisha formally inaugurated this project in the auspicious presence of Smt. Namrata Chadha, State Juvenile Justice Member & Women Activist as the Chief Speaker and Ms, Elina Das, Actress & Social Worker as the Guest of Honour. Among others CEO of Rapid Response Shri Mohamad Farukh, Head of Partnerships, Rapid Response Ms Maheekshita Mishra, sarpancha and president of Raghurajpur village were also present in this launching event.

Address the gathering, Shri Panigrahi said, “Culture and tourism are the two sides of a coin. One cannot sustain without another. Tourism is the sole preface of the state or country. Further he expressed his grief towards cyclone Fani affected artisan village. He said Fani aftermath the villagers are suffering from psychological pain and he assured to resolve the issue by several political discussions. He also urged the villagers to stand together for rebuilding Raghurajpur at its best. Now the state government is preparing one year short term plan to revive the culture and tourism of Odisha. At last he assured that he will give his best for the development of tourism by adding the two sides simultaneously.”

In her deliberation to congregated throng, Smt. Chadha said, “There are 153 families and almost 850 artisans are living in Raghurajpur village. This heritage village is famous for its culinary art and culture for which I feel proud to be an Odia. She further said Fani devastation is enormous, but never let down your hope, rather unite to rebuild the life. She urged the villagers to implement their own creativity for making out a stronger economy. Eventually she thanked the team of Rapid Response for taking such initiative.”

In her address Ms. Das said, “This village is under the blessings of Lord Jagannath and Fani aftermath, Rapid Response is one of the disguise blessings of the lord. For this village, Odisha is famous in the worldwide. Natural calamities may bow down our wealth but no one can destroy our skills. We should have to unite for rebuilding our art and culture by overcoming from this trauma.” At last Ms Maheekshita Mishra from Rapid Response gave vote of thanks.

On 19th May 2019, Rapid Response adopted and formally started the project “REBUILDING RAGHURAJPUR” to provide relief & long term recovery assistance to the artistic community of Raghurajpur. Since then the team has mobilized more than 40 local volunteers and supported the community with Generator, Wood Cutter, Community Kitchen, Medical Camp, Relief Kits, Hygiene Kits, Education Kits, Psycho Social Support and Tree Plantation Drive.

To support the community in long term, Rapid Response launched this livelihood recovery project Kalamitra on 17th June 2019. This is a post disaster rehabilitation project in which the people can learn new skills and socialize with others which enabling them to recover from the immense trauma that they have suffered. Also this project helps to earn a sustainable income, thus allowing them to begin to rebuild their life after the cyclone. Kalamitra Dolls, helps the cyclone affected artist to overcome the trauma they experienced by getting them involved in creative handicraft work which could also be a livelihood option to make regular income. This project is started to help the artistic community in and around Raghurajpur. In Sanskrit Kalamitra means friend of an artist. Kalamitra Dolls are made by artist, who lives in and around Raghurajpur. All the money directly goes to rebuilding the lives of cyclone affected people who are making these dolls.

Rapid Response is a registered non-profit organization committed to provide disaster response and preparedness services to the vulnerable communities in both crisis and non crisis situations. It aims to provide immediate, effective and sustainable support for the victims of natural disasters. The organization envisions a safer and disaster resilient India. Rapid Response, respond immediately to families affected by natural disasters with Rescue & Medical Assistance, Relief (Distribution of Food, Relief Kit, Bed Kit, Hygiene Kit and Educational Kits) and Rehabilitation (Focusing on WASH & LIVELIHOODS). Through Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Program, Comprehensive School Safety Program for Children, SMS based Disaster Preparedness and Early Warning System, Promoting Mangroves for Coastal Defence and Formation of Disaster Resilient Villages like community based projects, Rapid Response prepares the vulnerable communities to manage disasters better and minimize the impact of natural disasters.