Rajya Sabha bids farewell to Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu; PM Modi says Rajya Sabha attained new heights under Mr Naidu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said, Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu’s leadership ability and discipline have led the Rajya Sabha to attain new heights. In the Rajya Sabha, while bidding farewell to Mr. Naidu on completion of his tenure, the Prime Minister said, the Upper House productivity has increased by 70 per cent during his tenure. He said, 177 bills were either passed or discussed in the house during Mr. Naidu’s tenure.

The Prime Minister said, the youth can learn a lot about society, country and democracy from the experiences of Mr. Naidu. He said, Mr. Naidu’s responsibility to lead the Rajya Sabha might be ending now, but the nation as well as workers of public life will continue to receive the benefits of his experiences. He said, India is celebrating such an Independence Day this time, when the country’s President, Vice President, Speaker and Prime Minister are all those people who were born in independent India and all of them hail from very ordinary backgrounds. He lauded Mr. Naidu’s leadership as the party chief, hard work in the Union Cabinet or his grace as the Vice President.

The Prime Minister said, Mr. Naidu made tremendous efforts to promote mother languages in the Rajya Sabha. He said, the legacy and yardsticks set up by him will always inspire the members of the house. Mr. Modi said, outgoing Chairman’s one liners are also wit-liners and his command over the languages has always been great.

Recalling the political career of M. Venkaiah Naidu, Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge said, he remained Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha for 19 years. He said, Mr. Naidu remained active in politics from his student life. He lauded Mr. Naidu for discharging his responsibilities’ efficiently under pressure. He said, Mr. Naidu also spoke about consensus on the Women Reservation Bill and other issues. He appreciated Mr. Naidu for giving opportunities to members of the house to speak in their mother languages and efficient management during the COVID pandemic.

Speaking on Mr. Naidu’s contribution, Derek O’ Brien of TMC lauded him saying that the Rajya Sabha’s productivity has increased during his tenure. Mr. O’ Brien also mentioned the story of Mr. Naidu losing his mother at an early age. This made Mr. Naidu emotional. Tiruchi Shiva of DMK said, Mr. Naidu gave opportunity to the members to speak in their mother languages. M. Thambidurai of AIADMK, Sanjay Singh of AAP, Dr. John Brittas of CPI(M), Binoy Viswam of CPI and others also lauded Mr. Naidu for discharging his role efficiently.

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