Raipur : You’re looking at me while your camel is gone. But no problem, you can move your minister forward

New Delhi :The Chief Minister surveyed the game played by the children participating in the State Chess tournament and told the children that Chess is an excellent game for mental development

“Your camel is gone while you were looking at me. But no problem, you can still move your minister forward.” The Chief Minister made a sudden appearance during the Chess game tournament played between young State players and surprised the children by saying this. The player had been distracted after seeing the Chief Minister and had committed a mistake. The Chief Minister said that one needs to concentrate and focus while playing chess. You lost focus and therefore your camel is at stake. After that, the Chief Minister also shared some tips on chess with the children. Manas Tiwari and Priyansh Tiwari were playing chess in front of the Chief Minister. He also played a game with Saksham, a young chess player. He told the children that chess is an ancient game of India and it engages the mind. It’s the best game for mental development. It’s commendable that you are playing chess at the state level. There have been some great chess players from India in the past. There are countless possibilities open for you. Play well and make your nation proud.

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