Raipur : The Chief Minister shared Checkmate tips with the brothers Manas and Priyansh

New Delhi :The most important thing to keep in mind while playing chess is predicting the next move of the opponent and then moving forward. Today, the Chief Minister shared such Checkmate tips about Chess with the young brothers Manas Tiwari and Priyansh Tiwari who were playing against each other. The two children were totally immersed in planning their next move. When the Chief Minister approached them, he said to Manas – “You are looking at me while your camel is gone”. The Chief Minister’s remark put a smile on everyone’s face, including the two brothers. The Chief Minister surveyed the game played by Avni Jena and Adnan playing alongside Manas and Priyansh. He attentively gazed at the chessboard for some time and advised Priyansh to move his minister forward. The Chief Minister was told that the four children are State chess players. He praised the children and encouraged them to play well.

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