Raipur : Every urban body in Chhattisgarh to have a ‘Krishna Kunj’

New Delhi :Following the initiative by the Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, Krishna Kunj will be developed in every urban area of Chhattisgarh. Medicinal trees like Banyan, Peepul, Neem, and Kadam will be planted in Krishna Kunj. The Chief Minister has given instructions to all the collectors on immediately allocating at least one-acre land to the forest department for tree plantation. On this year’s Janmashtami, trees will be planted in all the places in the state marked as Krishna Kunj.
The Chief Minister, while promoting tree plantation as a public campaign, said that India has an ancient tradition of worshipping trees like Banyan, Peepul, Neem, Kadamb, etc. These trees have gained their place in the cultural history of our nation because of their usefulness to man. However, the rapid cutting of trees in urban areas in the name of development is endangering the existence of these trees. If this situation continues for long, our future generations will be unaware of their cultural value. Therefore, every citizen must preserve the precious heritage of trees. It’s crucial to plant and protect trees of medicinal importance in urban areas.
The Chief Minister said that to connect tree plantations with every citizen and our cultural heritage, the areas of the plantation will be named “Krishan Kunj”. Efforts should be made to develop the land allocated to the forest department in such a way that tree plantations in all the Krishna Kunjs can start on Janmashtami statewide.

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