Raipur : Aboojhmadh is no longer ignorant

New Delhi :The same pain has been shared by three generations in the past years. There is no available record of how much land there is and its location. They are pursuing farming, but due to the absence of KCC, they cannot secure loans. There are crops but there is no facility for sale. Everyone, from the farmer Masiyaram Kode hailing from Kohakmeta village of Aboojhmadh to Pandruram and Mohan Dhaneriya, is facing the same problem. As no survey was conducted in Aboojhmadh, there was no mention of their lands in the revenue records. Due to this, they couldn’t reap any benefit from the government schemes. Today, however, there is a smile on the faces of 1121 farmers of the Aboojhmadh region. The Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel distributed Masahati Patta to the farmers during the Bhent Mulaqat program in Chhotedongar.

and the facility of the sale of paddy in societies will be provided
Masiyaramn Kode, a farmer from Aboojhmadh, said that till now the fate of farming was in the hands of God. There’s no facility for irrigation on the farms as there are no pumps. But now, as they have received the Masahati Patta, solar pumps can be installed on their farms. Farmers including him will be able to receive loans after the approval of their KCC. Masiyaram said that they used to sell paddy in the open market at a price between Rs. 10 – 15 till now. But now, after the registration in society, they will be able to sell paddy at a support price.
At the initiative of the Chief Minister, survey work in the villages of the Aboojhmadh region is being speedily conducted on priority by the State Government. Revenue survey work in 16 villages of Narayanpur’s Orchha development block has been completed, and the farmers have been provided with Masahati patta there. After receiving Masahati Patta, the farmers in this region will be able to enjoy the benefits of the State Government schemes. They will also be able to secure loans from banks after they have received the KCC.
Benefits of the Government schemes will now be reaped: Farmers in Aboojhmadh will reap the benefits of Government schemes after receiving the Masahati Patta. They will be able to sell paddy after being registered in society. They will also enjoy the benefits of a solar pump facility for irrigation and the schemes related to the Agriculture and Gardening Department. The Agriculture Department is also distributing seeds of different crops to farmers and providing them with guidance. Drip lines are being constructed on the farms and Poly house is being built.
Process of the sursurvey: The District Administration team first sends the GPS location of the village to IIT Roorkee. The IIT Roorkee team sends a big map of the area with the help of a satellite. After that, the Revenue Department decides the boundary of the farms. Thereafter, the farm is located with the help of the software and the area is determined. After the process of claim-objection, determination of the Patta is done.

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