Railway Protection Force – The True Saviors of Railway Commuters

New Delhi :The Railway Protection Force of Central Railway Saves 31 Lives in Last 5 Months (January to May 2022) 
The Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel are always in the forefront and keep a round the clock vigil in safeguarding not o­nly railway properties, but also saving lives of Railway passengers with the help of others o­n duty Railway staff. 
Central Railway RPF personnel, as a part of “Mission Jeevan Rakshak” have saved 31 lives so far over Central Railway from January to May 2022, at times even risking their own life. Some visuals of these lifesaving incidents have become very popular in Print & Electronic Media and have gone viral o­n social media.
Out of these 31 incidents, 16 cases of lifesaving incidents registered o­n Mumbai Division alone. 6 cases each of lifesaving incidents registered o­n Bhusaval and Nagpur Division, 2 cases of lifesaving incidents o­n Pune Division and o­ne case of lifesaving incident registered with Solapur Division. During the year 2021 also the RPF personnel of Central Railway saves the life of 52 passengers out of which 35 cases of lifesaving were registered o­n Mumbai Division o­nly.     
These soldiers of the Railway Protection Force face diverse security challenges such as crime against passengers and railway properties, extremist violence, obstruction to train movement, rescuing missing children and seizing narcotics in trains and railway premises, retrieving of passengers’ luggage etc. Amidst all this they keep a close watch o­n the safety of passengers.
The alert RPF in most cases, has saved the lives of those passengers, who are sometimes negligent and face danger while boarding or alighting running trains. At times lives have been saved while attempting suicide due to various personal reasons. But in the end, this act of lifesavers results in jubilation, happiness and gratitude beyond words towards the RPF personnel.

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