Railway Protection Force (RPF) conducted a month long nationwide Drive under Operation “Narcos” and Operation AAHT during January 2023

Railway Protection Force (RPF) is entrusted with the responsibility of security of railway property, passenger area, passengers and matters connected therewith. In addition to the mandate, RPF has been entrusted with other responsibilities in the interest of national security.

Railway has been the preferred mode of trafficking of NDPS for longer distance, and therefore, Government of India, empowered RPF officers, of and above the rank of Astt. Sub-Inspector, to exercise the powers and perform the duties to conduct search, seize NDPS and arrest traffickers under the provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS)Act, 1984 and further hand them over to the empowered law enforcing agencies.

Human Trafficking, especially of Women and Children, for sexual exploitation, prostitution, forced labour, forced marriage, domestic servitude, adoption, begging, organ transplant, drug peddling etc is an organised crime and the most abominable violation of human rights. Perhaps not many crimes are as ghastly as trading in human misery. In May 2011, Govt. of India ratified the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime (UNTOC) and one of its three protocols includes the protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in person, especially women and children. RPF has been working closely with other law enforcement agencies and other stake holders to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking under Operation “AAHT”.

To focus upon this, RPF conducted a month long nationwide Pan India Drive with an objective to make a dent upon the syndicate involved in smuggling of Narcotic Products through the railway network under Operation “Narcos” and Human Trafficking under Operation AAHT.

During this drive, RPF detected 88 cases and recovered NDPS valued at Rs. 4.7 crore with arrest of 83 peddlers/traffickers of NDPS and also succeeded in rescuing 35 boys & 27 girls from the clutches of traffickers with their arrest i.e. 19 traffickers who were handed over to respective LEAs for taking suitable legal action.

Railways have outsourced many of their works and services to outside agencies and contractors. This has resulted in many outsiders working/operating in railway premises and in trains. Incidents have been reported, wherein, these outsourced staff have indulged in activities which are illegal and criminal cases have been registered against them.

RPF is working in a mission mode to ensure that the credentials and criminal antecedents of all the persons engaged on contractual work in railways are verified from the concerned Police and only the persons having no criminal antecedents are allowed in the railway system. A focused initiative in this regard was taken and the contractors were directed to comply with the condition of Police Verification of their staff.

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