Rahul Gandhi urges PM Narendra Modi to reconsider #EconomicPackage, give money to poor, 200 days working days of MNREGA


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi urges PM Narendra Modi to reconsider Economic Package, give money to poor. Rahul Gandhi stated that PM Modi should should think about direct cash transfer, 200 days working days of MNREGA and money to farmers.

“The need of the hour is to give money to people directly into their pockets and people do not require loans at this moment,” RahulGandhi. “It’s time to think of a solution for the upcoming potential economic storm”, says Rahul Gandhi.

The storm has not come yet, it is coming and will cause big economic damage and hurt many. If we work with proper strategy we can save both our people and our economy as well, says Rahul Gandhi. I warned the government in February, but now there is no point talking about it. Rather, it is time to think of a solution for the upcoming potential economic storm. Congress-ruled State governments are extending all possible support. Government of Chhattisgarh is giving direct money. We are focusing on MNREGA. Overall we have a strategy .

I would not want to compare the crisis now to the one in 90s. What is happening now has not happened across the world in a long time. If you want to have a future, you have to defend your present. We have to help our people now, says RahulGandhi. In the medium term, small and big industries should be given a boost by providing them financial support and there is a need to generate employment locally in states like Bihar. There should be a national strategy for employment says RahulGandhi.

The money is not being given for the fear of decline in ratings. It is being said that if the deficit is increased today, agencies will reduce the ratings of India , says Rahul Gandhi.

There’s a lot of difference between today’s India & India of ten yrs ago. Today, many labourers live in cities. There are two ideas- MNREGA to protect them in villages & ‘NYAY’ scheme for cities. It’s necessary to put money in their account says Rahul Gandhi.

I am confident that the government will listen to my suggestions because, it’s not just my voice alone. Rather, this is the thinking of many people I have spoken to says Rahul Gandhi.

Spirit should be of trying to do as much as we can to make their life easier. It’s fundamental that we give direct money. There will never be a more difficult time for them. We need to hold their hand & tell them India won’t let them down says Rahul Gandhi.