Radio is the medium of dialogue and peace: Akhil Mittal


Dhenkanal: The Indian Institute Of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanal on Thursday organized a special lecture on ‘Radio as a medium for dialogue’as part of its special lecture series here on the campus. Speaking on this occasion, veteran broadcaster Akhil Mittal said that in the era of conflicts and chaos, radio can be a powerful medium for dialogue and peace.

Discussing the topic, Mittal said,“Other forms of media these days don’t give proper space to dialogue, peace, and tolerance. In the race of sensationalisation, many media houses seem to be part of the conflict rather than being a platform for dialogue and peace. On the other hand, radio is a space of dialogue, tolerance, peace. On the radio, we never name communities during a conflict, making sure that the report doesn’t incite any more tension. During natural calamities, radio does non-stop broadcast to inform the people and help them without spreading panic.”

Addressing the budding journalists, he advised, “Radio is the only source which gives unhindered entertainment. To be a good presenter one has to be a good listener. So, unless you prove yourself to be a sensible and efficient professional, you won’t be able to sustain in the industry.”

Speaking on this occasion, Regional Director of the Institute Professor Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee said, “Though the radio does not have as many listeners as it used to have in the 1970s or ’80s, there are places where radio is the only available medium of mass communication. However, radio services are changing themselves rapidly and gaining back their lost ground again.”

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