Radico Khaitan provides the first batch of hand sanitizers to primary health care authorities and hospitals in a number of states

New Delhi: Radico Khaitan, the largest manufacturer of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in India, has successfully produced the first batch of hand sanitizers to extend its support to the country in the worrisome time of coronavirus outbreak and to meet the demand of the increasing hand sanitizers in the country.

The spread of coronavirus has triggered panic buying of hand sanitizers, which resulted in the shortage of the product in the market. “To combat the situation, Radico Khaitan decided to extend support to the country. Radico Khaitan decided to expand the use of Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) at the company’s mother distillery in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh and at other bottling plants in different parts of the country in this time of distress,” said Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Radico Khaitan.

The maker of Magic Moments Vodka and Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky got the license last week and soon after started the production and delivery to the primary health care authorities and government hospitals. “As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Radico Khaitan has already distributed the first batch of hand sanitizers to government authorities and hospitals in a few states,” said Mr. Sinha.

“While the Radico 8PM Extra Strong Hand Sanitizers will be distributed to both B2B and B2C channels, currently we have begun only for the former. It will be available at the retail stores soon,” added Mr. Sinha.

“Apart from Rampur, the manufacturing and distribution of hand sanitizers has also commenced in Southern part of India. We have already expanded the imprints in Telangana, Karnataka, Hyderabad and Uttar Pradesh. We will try and cover as many states as we can to the best of our capacity and capability.” stated Mr. Amar Sinha.

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