QuikrJobs is the go-to platform for finding BPO and other blue collar jobs in Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneswar: In alignment with our Prime Minister’s focus on job creation, large BPO companies have started to set shops in cities like Bhubaneshwar and this is resulting in thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities for local candidates.


When this is the scenario, QuikrJobs (one of the largest portal for blue-collar jobs in the country) listing page indicates that Bhubaneshwar alone has many fresh job positions open in the BPO segment. Local youth in cities like Bhubaneshwar no more have to take the pain of moving to metros in search of jobs in sectors like BPO. Instead, they can just log on to QuikrJobs platform at the comfort of their home and find a wide variety of blue collar job profiles that meets their criteria.


Amit Jain, Head of QuikrJobs talks about the jobs in  the BPO industry and how QuikrJobs is helping local candidates find best profiles.


  • How has BPO industry boomed in the recent years in cities like Bhubaneshwar?
    With metros getting overburdened and unable to provide adequate infrastructure for booming BPO industry, companies like Tech Mahindra, Mindtree, Tata Motors etc are eyeing tier 2/3 cities. Cities like Bhubaneshwar which have good connectivity and stable infrastructure become attractive for such companies. It is also easy to get qualified talent for open positions. This is a great opportunity for locals to stay in their hometowns and have better jobs and lifestyle. These cities also allow companies to optimize salaries compared to tier 1 cities.


  • How can QuikrJobs help local candidates in finding best profiles in the blue collar space including BPO sector?
    QuikrJobs allows jobseekers to apply to multiple job openings for free. The large number of jobs available on platform help local candidates in finding jobs and take informed decisions about the company. With 100+ roles, all kinds of jobseekers can find jobs. There are also options of finding full time, part time and work from home jobs. Local candidates are preferred by a lot of companies because they have local knowledge and can speak the language in which most of the customers interact. There is also a useful feature of locality bars search on QuikrJobs. It helps job seekers find homes near their homes and companies can find candidates near the work location.


  • How many fresh positions are available in the BPO/Blue-Collar category for Bhubaneshwar on our platform?
    Total number of fresh, open blue collar jobs available are 10,000 in Bhubaneshwar.


  • Why should candidates consider QuikJobs as the go-to platform for finding BPO jobs?

QuikrJobs lists thousands of jobs across the country. In Orissa alone this number is 15000 with maximum job openings in Bhubaneshwar. QuikrJobs is the largest blue collar jobs platform and with thousands of recruiters using the platform to recruit local candidates have a variety of options to choose and find jobs faster. Not just in their home state, candidates looking to migrate can also benefit from the jobs listed in other states as well.