Protecting Your Email Account from Spam Scam Mails

Electronic mail commonly known as e-mail is a technology that allows people to exchange messages using electronic devices. This method of exchanging information has proven beneficial since it saves on time. Furthermore, you can send messages from any location that you term appropriate so long as you have an internet connection. However, not all the mails that you receive in your mail box may come from the people you know. Others may be auto generated by bots or sent by companies which want to advertise their products and services. These promotional messages popularly known as spam messages are usually a thorn in the flesh. To avoid getting these messages, you can decide to rely on an email unsubscriber tool.

Most people may think that spam and junk messages represent the same thing since they are all messages that clutter the user’s mailbox. However, these are two different things with the same results. It is therefore important that you know whether you are receiving junk or spam mails. With this information, you can know how to handle the mail since they may at times be the reason behind your high stress levels.

Spam Mails

Spam mails are the most common type of email messages that keep on bugging users. This type of mail is auto generated and is usually sent to your mailbox without subscribing to anything. In most cases, they may contain information meant to advertise a given brand or service. They are usually sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the product or service being advertised.

To send a spam mail, the spammer has to look for as many email addresses as possible. This is made possible by relying on a software that can attract email addresses or retrieve them from a website. They then send the mails repeatedly giving you no option to opt out. However, you can decide to seek the help of your email service provider or a software that makes it possible for you to unsubscribe from spam.

Junk Mails

Unlike spam, junk mails are a result of your own doing. This type of mail is usually sent to your mail box after subscribing to a given service. The mail will therefore contain information that is meant to market the products or services of a given company. For instance, you may get information about a clothing line after sending your email address to an online store that sales fashion wear.

Fortunately, you can unsubscribe from junk mails without going through a lot. All you have to do is click on the unsubscribe button that is usually below the message. You must however exercise caution before clicking on the button or link. This is because some links may take you to a different site which may contain viruses. These sites may also have a system that can access all your personal information. You will therefore end up being a victim of scam actions which may make you lose a lot of money.

Scams and Spam

Spam scams rarely occur but when they do, then you are at a greater risk of encountering losses. A spam scam occurs when a spammer sends you an email asking you to click on a link in order to verify important information. In most cases, the spammer is seeking to obtain your bank account information. Once you click on the link, the scammer can use your account details to steal money under your nose. Before you realise, your bank account will be having less money than expected or at times, the balance may read zero.

You therefore end up being the centre of blame games with your bank since they do not know how your account was hacked. To avoid getting into this situation, you should carefully examine any mail that asks you to confirm important information. If the mail appears spammy, then you should unsubscribe from it by clicking on the unsubscribe button. Alternatively, you can ask your email service provider to take the necessary action by blocking the spammer. This way, the spammer will never again send a spam scam message to your email meant to steal money from you.

Preventing Spam Scam

It is better to prevent an activity rather than wait for it to affect you before you can finally take the necessary action. There are different methods that you can use to prevent a spam scam. They include:

  • Keep your Email Private

One of the best methods of protecting your information is keeping the email address as private as possible. You can only share the address with important people like co-workers, business partners, friends just to mention a few. When the number of people having your email address reduces, then there is a high possibility that the spam scam mails will also reduce.

  • Use an Unsubscribe Software

Change in technology has now made it easier to perform different activities. Since spam scam are auto generated by bots, it is also better that you use a bot (Clean Mail Software) to handle the spam scam message. However, you must be ready to look for the best software from a company like Clean Mail. By seeking the services of Clean Mail, you never have to worry about spam mails. This is because the software will sought all your messages i.e. wanted and unwanted without asking you to read them. You can then delete the spam mail before it can cause problems.

  • Never Click on Mails From Senders You Do Not Know

You should avoid clicking on links that may look suspicious or those that are from unknown sources. There is high a possibility that the link may be a scam. By clicking on it, you risk allowing the spammers access to your important information. Alternatively, the spammer may also decide to send a malware which will “eat up” your computer.

With the increasing number of junk and spam mails, it is advisable that you protect yourself using an email unsubscriber. Once you do this, the spam mails will reduce significantly.

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