Printed Circuit Boards of various type

Printed Circuit Board is known as PCB. The electric and electronic components are connected in PCB. In the designing the PCB is connected with wires for testing. The wire connections are complex and very hard to operate. With the wire connections large applications like motherboard cannot be made. Components in the PCB are connected internally without wires which decreases the complexity. The PCBs can customize as per the requirement. It is found in almost every electronic device like TV, Mobile Phones, Computers, Camera, etc. PCBs are also used in communication devices, military equipment, etc.

In the manufacturing of PCBs mainly two types of Mounting processes are used Through-hole and surface mounted.


In this process the holes are made on circuit to mount the leads of components and soldered on another side of PCB. This method gives support to components for better performance and it is widely used technology for mounting components. The downside of through-hole technology is its drilling process which increases the manufacturing cost. It is perfect for single-sided PCB but difficult for multilayer PCBs.

Surface Mount

The second is surface mount. In this technique the components are used is small size with small or no leads. The components are directly mounted on the board and no requirement of holes to mount. After that the solder paste is applied to hold the components on the surface of PCB.

The manufacturing of PCB is based on construction and the need of the user. The PCB manufacturer mainly manufacture single layer, double layer and multilayer. They also manufacture other types of PCB according to requirement. Many pcb manufacturing companies in india.

  • Single Sided PCB
  • Double Sided PCB
  • Multilayer PCB
  • Rigid PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB

Single Sided PCB

First is single-sided PCB. It is also known as single layer PCB. The single sided PCB is widely used as it has simple design and easy manufacturing. The one layer of the PCB is coated with metal mainly with copper as it has highest electric conductivity. The solder mask is applied to save from damage caused in silkscreen coat to mark components on PCB. The electric components on the one side of the PCB and are soldered on other side. Manufacturing cost of the single sided PCB is less and suitable for bulk manufacturing. It is widely used in applications like printers, calculators, etc.

Double Sided PCB

It is also known as double layer PCB. In the single layer copper layer is on one side while double side have the copper layer on both side and also connected. These two layers are connected via holes which made are on surface. The price of double-sided PCBs is low cost and used to make complex circuits in minimum size. It is widely used in gaming motherboard, gaming pc, mobile phones, etc.

Multi-Layer PCB

In the multi-layer PCB, there are more than two conductive layers. In this the glue is applied between layers to protect components from heat generating while performance. It is used for complex circuit for a compact size for maximum output. It is used in satellite system, data servers, etc.

Rigid PCB

It is made from material that are not easily broken. The rigid PCB is available is available in single layer, double layer and multilayer. Shape of the PCB is never changed even after installation. The PCB cannot be bent according to the base and it is long-lasting. It is mostly used in components like CPU, RAM and GPU. PCB manufacturers mainly prefer single sided rigid PCBs as it has simple design.



Flexible PCB

The material used in this PCB makes it flexible. It is made with flexible plastic which is conductive. The material give liberty to fit in those places where rigid PCBs cannot. It has very complex circuit design and it is made with single sided, double sided and multilayer circuits. It is widely used in LED, solar panel, laptops, etc.

Rigid-Flex PCB

This type of PCB is made with Rigid and Flexible technology. The Rigid-Flex PCB have numbers of rigid circuits connected with flexible circuits. The rigid-flex PCBs are used in camera, cell phones, etc.

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