Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocates Uniform Civil Code

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today advocated Uniform Civil Code, saying that the Constitution of India also talks about equal rights of the citizens.

He said that there should be one law for every family member in a house likewise there should be Uniform law for every citizen in the country. The Supreme Court is saying to bring the Common Civil Code, he added.

Addressing the party workers at BJP’s Mera Booth Sabse Majboot program at Motilal Nehru Stadium in Bhopal, Mr. Modi that people in the country are being instigated in the name of Uniform Civil Code. He alleged that opposition parties are playing vote bank politics.

Under the Mera Booth Sabse Majboot campaign, the Prime Minister addressed nearly 10 lakh workers from 543 Lok Sabhas constituencies across the country and 64 thousand 100 booth workers in Madhya Pradesh.

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