Prime Minister Interacts with Tribal Guests, NCC cadets, NSS Volunteers and Tableaux Artists who would be showcasing India at 71st Republic Day Parade

New Delhi: The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today interacted in an At Home event with over 1730 Tribal Guests,, NCC Cadets, NSS Volunteers and Tableaux Artists who would be a part of the 71st Republic Day parade in the National Capital.

Referring to the large enthusiastic gathering, the Prime Minister said they would be showcasing a Mini India at the Republic Day Parade. Saying that the world would see the essence of India during their performance in the Parade, the Prime Minister said India is not a mere geographic or demographic entity.

He said India is a way of life, an idea, a confluence of several philosophies and a metaphor for a rich global & universal perspective. He said, “India means one Global Family, India means Equanimity for all Religions, India means Triumph of Truth, India means an idea that permits understanding of the One Truth in different ways, India means the one that loves and protects Flora and Fauna, India Means Self Reliance, India believes that only those who sacrifice can remain blissful, India means the one which believes in welfare of everyone, India means one which worships women, India means one which believes that motherland is more virtuous than Gold” Belief in Unity and not Uniformity The Prime Minister said India’s strength is its diversity in geological and social fabric. He compared India to a floral garland where different flowers stitched together through a common thread of Indianness. He said, “India believes in Unity and not Uniformity. “ Shri Modi said, “Strengthening that thread of unity and preserving it is our continuous effort and toil” He said as a New India progresses, the effort is to see that no one is left behind and no region is left behind. Striving for Fundamental Duties The Prime Minister said that it is time now to give importance to our fundamental duties. “If we deliver our duties sincerely, then there would be no necessity for fighting for our rights” he said.

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