Prime Minister of India visiting millennium city Cuttack after 31 long years


Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister of India visiting millenium city Cuttack after 31 long years. It is a matter of pride for the 1,000-year-old cultural city of Cuttack that a Prime Minister of the country is visiting it after 31 long years, said Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan

Minister Pradhan said this while reviewing the arrangements in Cuttack on Friday for Prime Minister Modi’s visit on Saturday.

Pradhan said the PM’s visit to the State would bring many positive developments for Cuttack and Odisha. Replying to a question that the Congress is observing the fourth anniversary of the Narendra Modi Government as ‘Betrayal Day’, Pradhan said that in Odisha the Congress is on the search for a Kumaraswamy.

Speaking on the BJD’s protest on the Mahanadi issue, Pradhan said the Prime Minister’s opinion on the Mahanadi issue is clear. But the BJD Government which failed to conserve even a drop of water of the Mahanadi and other rivers in 18 years is only making a drama to hide its ineptness.