President of The Farmer’s Interest Group, Mishrilal Proposes Every Farmer To Become Aware Of The Technological Advancements In Farming

Udaipur: Wearing his pride in his bright orange Rajasthani Turban, Mishrilal Teli, was filled with happiness when he was elected as the President of the Farmer’s Interest Group (FIG). Not only this, but he also won the first place on the National Farmer’s Day.

When asked about his farming, 65 years old farmer, Mishrilal, from a very small village of Paras Rampura in Agucha, answered in English. This not only showed his confidence, but his growth as a farmer.

Mishrilal has been involved with farming since 30 years. Since 2016, he has been attending the Hindustan Zinc training and exposure visits on agricultural development. By this, his yield not only increased by many folds but also proved to give him and his wife a sense of content. Unlike other farmers, Mishrilal is now very well versed with the latest and advanced techniques of farming because he has been attending the trainings and exposure visits organized by Hindustan Zinc under its Samadhan project.

On his 1,500 sq. meters of land, by using the technologies and improved methods of farming, he has been cultivating wheat. In the second year of cultivation, he saw an improved yield and hence an increase in his income by 7-8 thousand every year. Hindustan Zinc also provided him with seeds of wheat, ingredients to make organic fertilizers and insect trap.

By acquiring technical knowledge about farming, Mishrilal has started his own farming and cultivation on his other land measuring 13,000 sq. meters. He advises all the farmers to learn under Hindustan Zinc’s Samadhan Project and get an understanding of the technical advancements in farming and agriculture along with understanding the importance of irrigation, proper pest repellents and the quality of soil, to cultivate better yields.

Mishrilal now teaches his subordinate farmers the techniques for improved profitable farming.

“Hindustan Zinc has taught me the proper methods of sowing seeds, proper knowledge of fertilizers, technological advancements in farming, without which I would not have been able to make such profits through my farming. I have grown as a farmer and as an individual…”, smiled Mishrilal.

The Samadhan Project has been launched to ensure sustainable livelihood through integrated farming system, and livestock development. The project aims to positively impact the lives of 30,000 farming families in 5 districts by the year 2021. Around 7,000 farming families have already benefited.