Prayas presented a cultural afternoon commencing with Odissi dance rendition in New Delhi


New Delhi: Prayas is a program for advancement of youth and society. This is a grass root level local initiative aiming to promote developmental activities at the village level, engaging youth and the community. The purpose is to educate youth, through counseling programs, to lead a basic dignified life.
The Lamp Lighting Was done by Mrs & Mr. Arun Rath(Former IAS), Padmashri Aruna Mohanty(Odissi Dancer), Sujata Priyadarshini ( “Yes We Can” Play Director), Ms. Maya Singh, Shri Amarendra Khatua(Former Ambassador), Mrs Rosalin Patasani Mishra( Advisor of Prayas).

Prayas presented a cultural afternoon commencing with Odissi dance rendition by eminent dancer, Smt. Kavita Dwivedi who mesmerized the audience with her performance. This was followed by an enactment named “Na Mu Kahiparibi”. This has been written and directed by Smt. Sujata Priyadarshini, eminent producer, director and writer. It is all about aspirations, resilience and inner strength of women in their lives. This play aims to ignite a desire among all women to live their dreams.

This play has been enacted by actors who are part of a group called Wonder Women. These women are all personalities who have established their identities in different spheres of life. Actors include Smt. Sonie Rath, Smt. Saghamitra Jena, Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini, Smt. Priya Lenka, Smt. Annapurna Dash, Dr. Rita Tripathy Pati, Smt. Revathi Pani, Dr. Pranati Parija, Padmashree Aruna Mohanty, Smt. Gargi Bhattacharya. The other wonder women include Smt. Sujata Priyadarshini, the Director; Smt. Rajalaxmi Rath, Advisor of the group; Dr. Isa Mishra Dwivedi, who anchored the play; Smt. Rosalin Patsani Mishra, who maintains the public relations on behalf of the group; Smt. Seema Patnaik, Smt. Varsha Patnaik and Smt. Tanaya Patnaik. Another Mind Tickling Performance Was by Ritu Goel & Chirag Jain ( National Level Hasya Kavi).
The title sponsor of the program today is Oil India Limited & Co-Sponsor is Airport Authority of India.