POWERGRID helps Restore Power in ‘Fani’ affected Odisha

New Delhi: Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (POWERGRID) played a major role in quick restoration of power supply in the state of Odisha which was badly affected by the cyclone ‘Fani’, recently on May 3, 2019. Reportedly the strongest tropical cyclone to hit coastal areas in last 20 years, it devastated the coastal areas of Odisha and caused massive damage to the power supply infrastructure uprooting lakhs of electric poles, transformers and collapse of towers. Hot and humid weather added to the problems of the cyclone-affected people in Odisha, with the government facing a gigantic task of restoring power to houses in the state.

Restoring towards normalcy

Stepping up the efforts for quick resolution of the problem, POWERGRID has successfully helped restore power in quickest time possible with the use state-of-the-art techniques like ERS (Emergency Restoration System), swift operation management and by pooling its about 1000 specialized manpower from the neighboring states like West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh to assist the state entities like OPTCL (Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited) and CESU (Central Electricity Supply Utility). All the necessary help has been extended for restoration of electricity in affected parts of the state.

POWERGRID also extended help in restoration of communication network thus, helping the state return to normalcy. POWERGRID has created specific 24×7 control rooms at its various strategic locations and its workforce has been working day and night for coordination between various state agencies, providing timely assistance and feedback to its teams and state entities at ground zero.

Timely Action

As part of mitigation management and measures, POWERGRID arranged three high capacity DG Sets, large number of electric line poles, conductors & insulators and other line materials for Bhubaneswar, Puri, Kendrapada and Jagatsinghpur stores of CESU for quick restoration of power supply. Further, transformer oil and oil filtration units were arranged by POWERGRID at its Pandiabilli and Angul sub-stations to meet the requirement of distribution system restoration.

Continuous development

POWERGRID is also helping OPTCL in restoration of 132 kV line to Puri over ERS which is expected to be charged in a day or two.

A Navratna Central Public Sector Enterprise under Ministry of Power, Government of India and one of the largest power transmission utilities globally, POWERGRID has been able to accelerate the power supply restoration works with its experience and expertise in handling natural calamities in addition to providing manpower and material to the affected state entities.


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