Posters agaisnt Maoists in Odisha: Seven questions asked

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada: Several handwritten posters claimed to be written by Dangaria Kandha Vikas Mancha, literally meaning Dangaria Kandha Development Forum, were seen pasted on the gate of K. Singhpur Tahasil and in different places of Parsali Gram Panchayat.

The posters posed seven questions like when will the roads be constructed for Niyamagiris development, how many days will the oppression on innocent tribals continue in the name of Niyamagiri Surakhya Samiti(NSS), when will the Maoists stop extorting money from the contractors engaged in road construction, when will the warning by Maoists to the youths striving for development stop, who has said Maoists to torch the vehicles engaged in road construction, why do not NSS speak out against Maoist activities, is NSS supporting Maoists ? At last there is an appeal by Dangaria Kandha Vikas Mancha to cooperate for the development of the area.