Popularity of Mobile Gaming in India

There is just one way to say this. The number of mobile gamers in India has been growing rapidly and the trend will continue indefinitely. The statistics for this matter is impressive and there are a few shocking details. All of those will be explained below.

Indians Prefer Playing Games on Their Smartphones

Probably the most important reason why mobile gaming in the country is rising extremely fast is the fact Indians prefer playing games using smartphones and tablets over computers or gaming consoles. The same fact can be seen for mobile gambling. The biggest part of visitors at online casinos are smartphone users. A user will try India casino games for real cash once and continue using that very platform indefinitely.

All of this suggests that the number of mobile gamers and gamblers is increasing as we speak. The number of computer and gaming console users is increasing as well but in a much lower percentage.

By 2022 There Will be 368 Millions Mobile Gaming Users

According to the latest statistical data, the number of users playing games over their smartphones is increasing rapidly. Back in 2016, there were 201 million gamers. This number was increased to 269 in 2018. Even more impressive was the increase between 2018 and 2020. In the current year, there are 326 million users!

The trend will continue to follow the growth. By 2022 there will be roughly 370 million users. In a nutshell, mobile gaming will be more and more popular. With more affordable gadgets and devices and also better internet connection, we can see even faster growth of mobile gaming users in India.

Games Download and Time Spent Playing

In 2014 there were 140 million games downloaded from Google Play and App Store. In 2015 this figure grew to 250 million and in the next year, it grew to 350 million. Today, the number of downloaded games from these online stores is above 700 million and it is obviously increasing.

Not only that Indians download more games, but they also spend more time playing each one. For instance, in 20142.9 billion hours were spend (combined number of gamers) playing games. Today, this number is much higher, around 7 billion hours.

We can add that most gamers prefer Google Play rather than the App Store. The reasons for that are in the operating system. Android is more commonly used in India, it is present with more smartphones and it offers a higher level of freedom for playing, customization and etc. iOS is still limited in this area and it is available on much lower number of devices available on the market. In fact, under 10% of all downloaded games are downloaded from the App Store.

Mobile Gaming Revenue is Growing Accordingly

With more phones, more users and more games it is obvious that the market revenue will grow accordingly. However, this growth isn’t as drastic as the number of mobile gamers on its own. Below are a few statistical data that should help you understand the matter in depth.

The revenue of mobile gaming in 2017 was $640 million. In 2019 that number rose to $970 million and it is expected to reach $1.165 million in 2020. By 2024 the revenue will be $1.554 million. In a nutshell, the overall revenue per year is raising for $8.8 million. Once again, we have a trend that will continue to last indefinitely.

Mobile Gamers: Age, Gender and Income

The biggest part of mobile gamers are between 25 and 34 years of age. It is believed that those users have the ability to get the latest devices and therefore the latest games. Over 40% of the total mobile gaming community consists of this age span. Below them, we can see 18-24 years gamers (32.8%). They are the nest most popular segment of the industry. A bit older users also play games but their number is lower. Around 20% of gamers are aged 35-44 years. Users between 45-54 years of age are the smallest part of the community with 6.3% share.

Gamers by gender are as you would expect. Most of them are male, 81.5% in fact. Female gamers are only 18.5%. The biggest part of gamers are users with low income, 52.8%. The ones with medium income are 25.8% present and the gamers with high income contribute by 21.4%.


Mobile gaming in India was extremely popular, it is even more popular today and it will reach impressive figures in the future. With better devices, better internet, and more affordable services, the figures you were able to see above will likely change must quicker.