PM Narendra Modi’s Rs 20 lakh crore package, call for self-reliance to lift national spirit: ASSOCHAM

New Delhi: ASSOCHAM today profusely thanked Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for lifting the national spirit up, not only with his Rs 20 lakh crore economic package but also laying a broad direction for the country’s development , based on a Self-Reliant India, standing tall in the evolving new world order.

”On behalf of 4.5 lakh ASSOCHAM members, we express gratitude to the Prime Minister for announcing Rs 20 lakh crore package , which is exactly what our chamber had strongly recommended to the government. The 5-pillars of building a Self-Reliant India would take us towards becoming a credible global force that reaches out to the world from a position of strength but with a sense of responsibility and humility,” said ASSOCHAM Secretary General Mr Deepak Sood.

He said, the Prime Minister, in his address to the nation, has reached out to all sections of the society, who look forward to the mega package with a sense of relief and reviving self-confidence . The Covid-19 pandemic, as rightly pointed out by the Prime Minister, would have to be taken head on but with all the pre-caution. ” The Indian industry would respect and honour the PM’s message in letter and spirit and contribute towards making an opportunity out of adversity, ” Mr Sood said

He said , along with the economic package, the bold reforms across all the sectors – agriculture, taxation, infrastructure, human resource and the financial system would go a long way to attract investment and revive demand in the economy. The Make In India flagship would be a key catalyst for new investment, be it local or global.

The Prime Minister’s call to the citizens to champion the cause of local would be a turning point towards self-reliance, the chamber said.