Play Review | Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee : MEGHADOOTAM


Adapted from Kalidas’s Sanskrit poem Meghadootam
Production: C-4, Dhenkanal
Director: Dinesh Das
First Performance: Dhenkanal Mini Stadium, 2 May, 2017

Adapted from Kalidas’s Sanskrit poem, the play depicts the loneliness of departed lovers and their yearning for togetherness. Woven into it is the celebration of Nature.
It is difficult to put a poem like this into a play- as it lacks dramatic ‘events’. But this 130 minute play, holds the audience with excellent choreography, music, set design and acting especially by the lead actress. The writer director Das Dinesh has done a marvelous production- he has created poetry on stage- in its rhyming dialogues, mellifluous music, skillful lighting and by using physical acting.
Yes, there have been glitches. The play could be pruned by another 20 or so minutes. The dances could have been better. The opening scene is far too lengthy and fails to set the tone, The dialogue delivery by the lead actor could have been better.
But, overall it is a brave attempt. It has some real ‘wah’ moments. At the end you feel like being refreshed, as you do after listening to good music or reading good fiction.