PayPay Jumbo at Your Local Stores” to Launch in August

Hyderabad: PayPay Corporation, a joint venture between Softbank Group Corp., Softbank Corp. and Yahoo Japan Corporation, will be hosting the “PayPay Jumbo at your local stores” campaign at eligible stores nationwide from August 3 ~ 31, 2020. By paying with cashless payment service “PayPay” (*1), users can enter into a lottery to win PayPay Bonus (*2) (maximum grant limit: \100,000/time) of up to 10 times the payment amount (1,000%) with luck!

That is not all! On June 29, we proudly announced that the number of registered PayPay users has finally topped 30 million. To celebrate this wonderful moment, PayPay will launch a “Thank You Jumbo” campaign, where users who pay with their “PayPay” app (*1) at participating stores nationwide will get a chance to win a PayPay bonus of up to 20 times (2,000%) the payment amount (*2) (maximum grant limit : 100,000 yen/per time and during the whole campaign period) .

The “PayPay Jumbo at your local stores” campaign is a sequel to the “PayPay Jumbo (Online)” series held in June 2020 and the “Win at Seven-Eleven! “PayPay Jumbo” held in July 2020. The aim of the campaign is to provide entertainment to users’ everyday cashless payments and bring joy to shopping at small and medium-sized local stores in town. By winning first prize, it is possible to get up to 10 times (1,000%) the payment amount. Second prize will provide a cashback in the same amount paid (100%) and third prize will provide a 5% PayPay bonus (*2) of the payment amount (maximum award limit: \100,000 / per time and during the whole campaign period).

To celebrate the registration of 30 million PayPay users, we are launching a special campaign on Aug 1 and 2, for two days. ” Thank you to all 30 million PayPay users! Celebration JUMBO ” is the largest PayPay campaign ever (*3), with the highest percentage of prizes awarded. By winning first prize, a PayPay bonus of up to 20 times (2,000%) the amount of the payment (up to a maximum award of \100,000 worth of PayPay bonuses/ per time and during the whole campaign period) will be granted. There will be a 1 in 5 chance of winning any of the 1st to 4th prizes, so be careful not to miss it!

PayPay was launched in October 2018, and in less than a year and nine months, the service has grown to achieve more than 30 million users, which is approximately 1 in 4 people in Japan. “Celebrating 30 M users! Thank you Jumbo campaign” is the best way for us to thank the users and merchants for their support. Another aim of the program is to turn your cashless shopping into a much more exciting experience.