Payment of over Rs 10 Crores to dairy farmers in #Chhattisgarh amid lockdown

Raipur: As per the intention of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, keeping in mind the interests of the state’s milk producing farmers even during lockdown, Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Milk Federation is not only collecting milk produced by them but is also buying milk and in lieu of this, the federation has also paid more than Rs. 10 crores during this period to the dairy producing farmers. Despite the lockdown in effect from March 23, the milk federation continued safe milk collection by preparing an action plan under the guidance of Agriculture Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey and Chairman Shri Rasik Parmar.

Milk Federation’s officers and employees under the guidance of Agriculture Production Commissioner and Principal Secretary Smt Maninder Kaur Dwivedi and Managing Director Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga, continued milk procurement in the interest of dairy farmers of the state, despite almost 50 percent decline in the sales and consumption of milk and milk products due to the lockdown.The dairy federation is purchasing 95 thousand liters of milk daily from the farmers even in the difficult situation from the beginning of the lockdown to the present day and also paying the farmers against it from time to time.
It is noteworthy that due to the lockdown, business establishments, government-semi-government offices, educational institutions, hotel-dhabas, tea-carts are completely closed. Due to which there has been a 50 percent decrease in the sale of milk and milk products. During the period of lockdown from milk producing farmers, other private institutions started buying milk from them at one and a quarter of the price. In such a situation, the milk federation not only procured milk from farmers on a fixed price, but also purchased milk from milk producers from time to time at a fixed price, as per the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel and Agriculture Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey. In lieu of this, payment of the entire amount has also been ensured. Due to which the economic interest of milk producing farmers have been preserved. The milk federation is successfully executing the use of surplus milk by producing milk powder (SMP), ghee and butter due to reduced consumption of milk in the market. During the lockdown period, the federation’s technicians not only rectified this technical defect, but also did not let the collection of milk affect it. It is noteworthy that there are 999 milk producers cooperative societies under the Milk Federation, with which 42 thousand 587 farmers are connected. Prior to the lockdown, the consumption of milk collected by the Milk Federation used to be 80 to 90 thousand liters per day. The lockdown has reduced consumption by 50 percent. At present, barely 50 thousand liters of milk is being sold.

Managing Director Shri Narendra Dugga informed that despite the lockdown, ‘Devbhog’ milk and milk products are being continuously provided to the consumers by the Milk Federation without any interruption. The milk federation has ensured continuous availability of milk and milk products in large resident colonies and apartments of Raipur and Durg city through its mobile milk parlor. Based on the demand received from consumers on the Federation’s WhatsApp number 79827726833, the home access service continues. Devbhog milk and milk products are also being delivered by Government of Chhattisgarh website home access service portal and Swiggy (home delivery system). Due to Corona infection, special care is being taken about the cleanliness of milk owners, collection vehicles, employees and officers in the milk federation plants. Sanitation and fumigation of buses and vehicles is also being carried out to bring all milk collection and milk delivery vehicles entering the plants as well as employees and officers infection free. Milk collection and marketing vehicle drivers and assistants are also being sanitized prior to entry and permission is given only after thermal screening. The Milk Federation is an ISO 22000-2005 organization. For this reason, it is mandatory for every employee and officer in the plant to cover the mask and hair with a cap. Social distancing is also being strictly followed in the plant. During the lock-down, Managing Director, Mr. Dugga regularly reaches the plant of the Federation to inspect the system and encourage the officers and employees. Farmers, officers-employees, consumers and vendors are working with utmost sincerity as Corona Warriors in the adverse circumstances along with the Milk Federation during Covid-19 lockdown. The Milk Federation is committed to protect the interests of the milk producing farmers of the state.