Parichay Foundation organized ‘Parampara’, honours Meera Parida, Rashmi Mohapatra, Dr. Lopa Priyadarshini


New Delhi: Parichay Foundation organised the third edition of ‘Parampara’ celebrating the guru-shishya tradition on Teacher’s Day, 5th September at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre.
A ten-year-old philanthropic organization, Parichay Foundation has been engaged in bringing about economic and social upliftment for underprivileged in urban and rural slums of Odisha and Delhi, particularly working towards women empowerment. That apart, Parichay has also been consistently making efforts to promote Indian art and culture.

In sync with its objective to preserve Indian art and culture, ‘Parampara’ gave a befitting tribute to the age-old teacher-disciple tradition by showcasing a beautiful Odissi performance by Padmashree Guru Smt Aruna Mohanty and her disciples.
The event also saw three eminent Odia personalities being felicitated for having scripted success stories in their own fields, while also inspiring many others, emerging as a ‘guru’ in their respective fields. The awardees included Meera Parida, Chairman, All Odisha Third Gender Welfare Trust, Bhubaneswar, who has been at the forefront in mobilizing the LGBT community to the mainstream of the society; Mrs. Rashmi Mohapatra, Founder Patron, designer fashion house RAAS, who has been working in close quarters with weavers from across Odisha, guiding them towards a better life laced with success and prosperity by promoting Odisha handloom and Lopa Priyadarshini, a corporate management professional and corporate trainer with 20 years of experience, who has been training students of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Member of Parliament, senior BJP leader and eminent lawyer Meenakshi Lekhi attended the event as the chief guest. While praising Parichay for the good work it has been doing, she also emphasised on the importance of teachers in our lives. “Teachers aren’t just those who teach us, anyone who inspires us is a teacher,” she said.
Among others, Kathak guru Padmashree Shovana Narayan, Mohiniyattam exponent Padmashree Bharati Shivaji, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Sabit Subasic, former Indian diplomat Lalit Mansingh, senior advocate Supreme Court Mukul Verma, eminent Odissi dancer Sharon Lowen, Founder, KIIT and KISS Dr. Achyuta Samanta and MP, Bhubaneswar Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patasani attended.

Talking about the event, Founder, Parichay Rosalin Patasani Mishra said, “The ‘Parampara’ event revolves around the guru-shishya tradition and celebrates the beauty of this relationship. And, that is the reason why we took the initiative to felicitate three gurus on this occasion while also taking to the roots of our Indian culture system, the medium of dance, to showcase this teacher-disciple tradition. I am really happy that Smt Aruna Mohanty and her disciples graced the Parampara platform.”
She further added, “Parichay organises a few signature fund-raising events every year and ‘Parampara’ is dedicated to the guru-shishya tradition and so we observed it on Teachers’ Day. As the founder of Parichay, my only concern is to see more girls and women getting empowered in the days to come through the medium of education for which the foundation needs not just funds, but also the support of all our well-wishers to help us continue our relentless work with greater dedication.”
Guru Aruna Mohanty and her disciples performed on two themes, ‘Samsara’, the divine soul’s journey through the cycle of birth and death and ‘Nari’, which depicted the courage women stand for through the characters of Sita, Draupadi, Kunti and Nirbhaya, both of which kept the audience enthralled to their seats.
Picking up its themes and expressions from timeless poetry of the medieval poets of Odisha, these experimentations gave birth to a very important structure in Odissi, namely the Abhinaya, the part which brings out the ‘bhava’ through emotive narration ornamented with extremely delicate rhythmic gestures.
I am Rajnandini Sita enrich the story connecting the story from Ramayan to Mahabharat. Kunti and Draupadi to Nirvaya, the daughter of India. This journey speaks of the love agony, revenge and courage to uphold the justice.
Sita, Kunti, Draupadi and Nirbhaya – the embodiment of courage and dharma.
This composition speaks about their agony, revenge and struggle to uphold Justice. We salute their courage and spirit. This is an sincere effort to portray the journey of Sita, Kunti, Draupadi and Nirbhaya.
Princess Kunti, as pure as a virgin poem had an illegitimate desire. An unwed mother, she had to give up her son Karna after he was born out of an illegitimate encounter.
Draupadi, the glorious queen of the Pandavas, being assaulted and humiliated by their political rivals, the Kaurvas. The humiliation enraged her and transformed her into a revengeful woman who is known for her unquenchable thirst for justice.
Nirbhaya, the daughter of India, who continues to struggle against injustice, humiliation and shame with all her might and courage. She is the hope, She is the light.