Padmini Panigrahi: The Holder of Dexterous and Polished Abilities


Rourkela: Gone are the days when India was all about patriarchy that dominated women as inferior beings. With change in the modern world and adaptation of respect for the woman gender, the world has seen significant changes that were never seen before. Women today excel in spaces one could not have imagined. One such example of beauty with brains is Padmini Panigrahi from Rourkela. From being a professional entertainer to handling a renowned business firm, this lady is on fire and nothing can stop her from achieving better ranks in future.
In today’s world, being a business personnel especially if you are a lady takes a mighty load of courage to rank among the top names and build yourself as a brand. Mrs. Panigrahi has done just that with her “Never Give Up” motto. Even when she is at an all time low, her professionalism and personal life are two separate things as neither is affected by the other. A fashionista with amazing fashion sense, this woman has surely set new trends for the future young divas aiming to make a name for themselves in the world of business.
When it comes to experience, her journey as a director started with Sanjog Mobile where she worked for a time duration between March 2000 all the way to April 2006. After this she left the profile to lead her next best part as the director of Koshala Hyundai from May 2006 till date. As a director, she handles the key functions of the company which includes aspects such as coordination of sales team, preparation of effective marketing strategies, performance reviews, etc. She has worked her way as an efficient position holder who never looks back.
As a student, Padmini Panigrahi was a talent house given the fact that she always loved to multi-task her way learning one skill and hopping towards another as soon as the first was mastered. While business defines her key persona, she is a trained classical dancer who obtained her Master Degree in Performing Art from the Sambalpur University to seal the deal on a talent so beautiful that accurately represented the ever-loved classical theme of Odisha. She is a true Odiya beauty who represents Odisha and its culture in the purest form. Apart from this, she pursued her MSc from the Sambalpur University along with an MBA in Marketing and HR from the Xavier Institute of Management located in Bhubaneswar.
Her list of achievement in the academic sector doesn’t just end here. She has worked for an array of organizations while playing the role of guest faculty which includes colleges and universities such as NIT Rourkela, RIMS Rourkela, Indian Institute for Production Management Rourkela, KIIT Bhubaneswar, Times Institute Rourkela, and many others.
She is a multi-lingual who loves the beauty in different languages coming together in the beautiful country of India. She holds fluency in three different languages which include Hindi, Oriya, and English. This Odishi dancer with both national as well as international fame has won the award for Elite Dealer in Eastern Zone for the year 2008 which was followed by winning the fame of best dealer partner in CATI H2 for the year 2013. The dancer went on to bag the tag of best performer in the overall service in KPI for the year 2014 followed by an array of recognitions which included famed awards such as Sarat Samman in 2017 at Bhubaneswar, Juhar Sammar in the very same year at Delhi and Bangalore.

She has also received the tag for Times Achiever Award at Bhubaneswar in the year 2017. As a woman, the philanthropist has seen her fair share of ups and downs which is why she works closely with many organizations to promote women empowerment. This uber-talented beauty queen was felicitated for her untiring contribution towards the theme of women empowerment in the year 2017 at the steel city Rourkela. Further, she was felicitated by the Sammanita organization’s 2nd annual function held at Cuttack city. The event was organized in association with the police commissionerate for the celebration of International Women’s Day. She has also provided her piece by performing at the Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav for 2015 as well as 2018 where later on she was felicitated during the show.
She also works closely with the government of Odisha to represent the beautiful Odiya culture in a national and international level. Till date, she has performed in more than 20 Lok Mahotsav festivals that is organized by the Department of Culture by the Odisha government. She is known far and wide for the intellectual capabilities and strong leadership skills. She was also invited as the guest for the Dhanu Jatra which is the world’s largest open air theatre.

Her performance of skills as a dancer isn’t just limited to Odisha as a state. She has even covered the international waters with her bowl of talent that sparkles everywhere she goes. When it comes to Indian cities, the lady with soulful eyes has performed at places which include names such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Bhilai, etc. Her array of international performances includes locations such as South Korea and Indonesia.

The future is all about equality without and gender bias and Padmini Panigrahi believes that women are equally capable of taking their stand and completing any given task with a perfection similar to that of any man. She aims to set an example for the modern women aiming to do something substantial with her life and standing out from the crowd. According to her, a being who hasn’t dedicated his/her life for the happiness of others hasn’t lived her life in the truest form. When you imagine the best personality traits in a single human being, Padmini Panigrahi stands as the best example of a person who has dedicated her life for the betterment of society. She also raises her voice for the benefit of the third gender, also known as transgender in order to provide them a life of respect and standard living scenario with no need to beg for alms in order to make a living. She always promotes the young and budding talent of the state with her motivational speeches that ignite the spirit of fighting against the odds and emerging as a winner. She looks forward to a day with better potential for the ones facing the consequences of inhumane nature. In order to tackle all these issues with a better and segregated approach, the woman with a soft heart started her very own NGO named Koshal Darpana.

Her NGO is dedicated to the uplifting of budding talents mostly from the sports and cultural sector. With the help of talent hunt programs, talented young minds and performers of the future are picked aand provided all the necessary support via sponsorships. She believes that in order to make the society a better place, it always starts with the renovation of the heart that we can find inside us. Unless we are pure, we cannot motivate the society to works towards the betterment which is why a life lived for others is always satisfying on its own.
Now, one might think that her capabilities as a talent-house is just limited to dancing and running a business but the name Padmini Panigrahi is much more than that. She flaunts a great singing voice with ample training in the Hindustani Classical Music obtained from the Gandharva University located in Mumbai. She has sung for a number of ollywood movies as well as albums and especially folk songs that perfectly represent the delightful spirit of odiya culture. She has also appeared at various talk shows that include names such as Zee Sarthak’s “Eithi Ama Rasoi Ghara”. Her personal favorites are Sambalpuri Folk songs that hold a special place in her heart. She celebrates the cultural panache of Odisha in the best way by bringing out the veristic form of customs defining the eastern India.
While doing all this, she makes sure her body remains fit and free from any kind of disease. The dancer and representation of Odiya culture, works her way through the peace providing art of yoga. She is a trained yoga instructor who knows the ABCs of each and every yoga asana. She believes that yoga is correlated to the art of singing and dancing where the art is the music playing the best tunes for your body while your body dances around to these rhythmic tunes radiating health and happiness all along. According to Padmini Panigrahi, Yoga is an art that brings harmony to the soul while creating a symphony in life. She completed her training from the Bihar School of Yoga which is located in Munger. She also broadcasts her fitness program over several local channels in an effort to promote the extensive healing technique of yoga.
They say you can easily identify the true nature of a person by looking at the way they treat animals. The singer and dancer also holds a big bowl of love for the animal kind. She believes it is we humans who have stolen the land that once belonged to the animals. She is completely against animal cruelty and supports every act that is tended in favor of the wildlife as well as strays. She believes a proper balance for the mutual survival of all the species is the call for the hour.
Talking about the childhood of the leading lady of the hour, she started her training as a classical dance from a very young age. She started performing at 6 years of age with several awards and accolades proffered to her name. She trained under masters of the art of classical dancing which included renowned names such as Guru Prabhat Kumar Swain, Guru Sujata Mahapatra, Guru Sunita Pattnaik, and lastly Padmashree Aruna Mohanty. Padmini belongs to the Sundargarh district which describes her love for the culture and natural affliction with sheer perfection in classical dancing.
She also trained under the tutelage of Gautam Mukherjee from the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame and Suresh Wadekar who has performed as a playback singer for both Hindi as well as Marathi movies. She has worked as an accredited singer at the All India Radio.
Padmini Panigrahi is an all-family person when it comes to dedicating time amidst all the hard work and multi-tasking. Her family from the very beginning has been supportive of her talent and passion while helping her pick the right from wrong. Prakash Panigrahi, her husband has never left her side all this while and aims to continue the never-ending support in future as well.
For this flawless artist, art is the perfect way to break apart the boundaries that separates one nation from the other. With her 20+ years of experience dancing at the stage as a renowned Odishi classical dancer, she has carved her name in the book of dedicated performers who commit their life to their passion with the best future envisioned for the society as a whole. Padmini validates all the reasons why young artists should be empowered and promoted to represent the state and even the country.
The artist is a travel enthusiast who loves to explore the captivating beauty spread all across the world while proudly promoting her culture in the best way. Till date, the diva has travelled to more than 30 different countries almost 50 times in such a young age. She has visited countries such as UK, Thailand, South Korea, Spain, Egypt, Japan, USA, Germany, Soviet Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Cambodia, and many others in order to attend cultural programs as well as learn professional work culture practiced at different countries in order to learn how the famous countries all over the world function. She aims to adopt and practice the best values for business as well as cultural representation learnt from the countries visited by her in the course of time. As a global traveler, she holds a strong sense of admiration for the endless territory of seas and oceans. For her, the vast expanse of water represents purity and tranquility in its best form. She has always been mesmerized by the beauty of oceans that provides her with a will to cross through any difficulties and reach the other end with a successful outcome. She is someone who has seen it all and done it all.
From politics to social work and business management to dancing to the tunes of Odiya songs, Padmini has scaled the boundaries of society and stands tall as a youth icon among the admirers who love and adore her for her simplicity that is different from any other in spite of the reputable fame under her name. The best thing that makes this flawless dancer different from others is the fact that she does it all with a smile that never goes off her face. According to her, life is too small to have a frowned face represent your precious moments so smiling is the best way to get around the difficult themes of life with flying colors. She never feared failure as giving up was never an option for this dancing diva. She truly deserves the fame and respect for emerging as the phoenix that rises from the ashes of failure and proves herself as a worthy warrior.