OSWAS to launch in Jagatsinghpur district as pilot project

Report by Kahnu Nanda; Jagatsinghpur: Stirring a step onward to bring proficiency and effectiveness in functioning civil administration, state government sponsored Odisha Secretariat Workflow automation [OSWAS] system would be launched across state, as pilot project Jagatsinghpur district has been picked up to implement first in state.
According to district collector S K Mohapatra informed that as part of programme under 5Ts the state IT department has endeavored to implement digitalization in official works, all district collectorates would be linked with secretariat and different departments under OSWAS for effective governance and smooth conducting administration functioning, the project will first launch in Jagatsinghpur district with immediate effect, collector said.
The OSWAS system will have a robust disaster recovery link with OCAC, state and National data centres. It will have features like 24×7 secure access, digital signature, online file movements, on line publishing of notices and circulars, SMS and Email notifications.
OSWAS system will also have principal applications like correspondence and file management, file processing, record room, knowledge bank, internal messaging of all government departments.
The system will accelerate file movement speedy, a file can proceed lower office to chief minister office through collector office by sphering few seconds or minutes as consequence developmental works and progress of governance would be easily streamline, collector added.
Meanwhile attempt has been taken to connect block and Tahasil offices with collector office in E-office programme, about four blocks, Tahasil offices, DRDA, municipality, DPC and sub collector office have been successfully launched E Office programme as result official works are being done through computer sans paper use, moreover E office service delivery has so quicken, no pending of any file notices in officers table, collector said.
While reports said that basing on IT department instruction intensive training has been given to officers and staff so as that users get adequate time to familiarize themselves with the new digitalization system. But few employees were not happy working with computer atmosphere due to their timeworn age and technical skill over computer operating. Every day works start uploading papers, files and offline communications in computer, then the E- file moves for action, the system needs more times for customization, said an employee working in district emergency office here.
Moreover on ground reality e-Office system has delivered good services to people, this correspondent had applied for a legal heir certificate from Jagatsinghpur Tahasil last month, after the application uploaded officially, SMSs had been given regularly revealing status and process of the application, informing officer assigned for the work. Finally after passing of stipulation period and completion of official works an E- message sent stating your certificate has been approved so as can be collected either off line or online.
After successfully implementing E office system since 1st February 2020 IT department has chosen OSWAS to launch in Jagatsinghpur district as pilot project of state.

Kahnu Nanda

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