OSA contributed Rs. 2.51 Lakhs to Odisha CM’s Relief fund to join hands with the state in combating COVID-19 pandemic

Bhubaneswar : The expat odias have not forgotten their motherland despite crossing seven seas and thirteen rivers to work overseas in far off places such as Abu Dhabi, UAE. They have come together under the umbrella of the ODIA SAMAJ ABU DHABI (OSA) to not only uphold and spread their cultural and traditional values globally, but also to help and support their fellow brothers and sisters back home during natural calamities and difficult times. Their heart and soul bleeds for their fellow brothers and sisters during such calamities.

Continuing this noble sprit, OSA has contributed a token amount of Rs 2,51,000.00 (Rupees Two Lakh fifty one thousand only) to the Odisha Chief Minister’s relief fund to support the state government’s relentless battle against Covid-19 pandemic. Cuttack Collector, Shri Bhabani Shankar Chayani received the DD on behalf of the honorable Chief Minister of Odisha. He has appreciated the die-hard support of OSA for the people of the state at this critical juncture. OSA has also donated Rs. 1.01,000.00 (Rupees One Lakh One thousand only) to PM Care fund for the same cause, demonstrating their concern and support for the nation first.

OSA President Mr. Pradeep Kumar Rath has appreciated the support of all the members and families of OSA for their contribution and willingness to bring about a change in the society with compassion.

These efforts demonstrate that OSA’s heart beats for the motherland and its people in addition to upholding its heritage and spreading the cultural and traditional values beyond the international borders.

The motto of OSA is to ”bring a smile on every odia face everywhere”.