Opening of Technical Bids for Auction of Mines for Sale of Coal

New Delhi : The auction process of 88coal mines for sale of coal was launched by the Nominated Authority, Ministry of Coal on October 12, 2021. The last date of submission of Technical Bid was December 14, 2021. As part of the auction process, Technical Bids comprising of online and offline bid documents were opened here today (December 15, 2021) in the presence of the bidders.

The online bids were decrypted and opened electronically in the presence of the bidders. Subsequently, sealed envelopes containing offline bid documents were also opened in the presence of bidders. Entire process was displayed on the screen for the bidders. A total of 53 (Fifty Three) bids have been received for 20 (twenty) coal mines of which 16 (sixteen) are fully explored mines and 4 (four) are partially explored mines.2 (two) of these mines are coking coal mines and the remaining 18 (eighteen) mines are non-coking coal mines. Two or more bids have been received for 10 (ten) coal mines. Mine-wise list of bids received is appended below:

Sl No Name of Coal Mine No of Bids
1 Ashok Karkatta Central 1
2 Bankhui 3
3 Barra 1
4 Basantpur 1
5 Bijahan 5
6-7 Brinda &Sasai 2
8 Garampani 4
9 Jaganathpur A 1
10 Kasta (East) 1
11 Koilajan 3
12 Koyagudem Block-III 1
13 Maiki North 1
14 Majra 3
15 MarkiBarka 1
16 Meenakshi 4
17 NamchikNamphuk 12
18 Parbatpur Central 1
19 Thesgora-B/ Rudrapuri 1
20 Utkal C 7
  Total Bids 53

A total of 37 companies have submitted their bids both offline and online in the auction process as per the following list:

Sr. No Name of the Bidder No of Bids Submitted
Chennai Radha Engineering Works Pvt Ltd 1
The Singareni Collieries Company Pvt Ltd 1
Yazdani Steel and Power Limited 1
Gangaramchak Mining Pvt Ltd 1
Hindalco Industries Limited 3
Mahanadi Mines & Minerals Pvt Ltd 3
Jindal Power Limited 2
Vedanta Limited 2
Trident Chemphar Limited 1
Agrestal Energy Pvt Ltd 1
Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited 2
Assam Mineral Development Corporation Limited 3
Shree Salasar Industries Pvt Ltd 1
Coal Pulz Pvt Ltd 3
Mahalaxmi Continental Ltd 3
Kalinga Infra Projects Limited 1
Jitusol Developers Pvt Ltd 1
Auro Coal Private Limited 2
Maiki South Mining Pvt Ltd 1
BS Ispat Limited 1
Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd 1
Amaltas Aviation Services Pvt Ltd 2
Balaji Marble and Tiles Pvt Ltd 1
Anupam Nirman Pvt Ltd 1
Platinum Alloys Pvt Ltd 1
Apra Builders & Promoters Pvt Ltd 1
The Metallic Alloys 1
Arora’s JK Natural Marbles Ltd 1
ABCI Infrastructure Pvt Ltd 1
Nalwa Steel & Power Ltd 1
Calcom Cement India Limited 1
OPG Power Generation Pvt Ltd 1
Jindal Steel & Power Limited 1
  TOTAL 53

The bids will be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary Technical Evaluation Committee and Technically Qualified Bidders would be shortlisted for participation in the electronic auction to be conducted on MSTC portal from January 07, 2022.



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