ONGC to further integrate in-house ERP with GeM workflow


New Delhi: One of the biggest public buyers Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to further integrate its in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform with GeM workflow. This will enable ONGC for better synergy and faster onboarding of broader vendor base including Medium & Small Enterprises (MSEs).

The MoU shall enable ONGC to fully leverage the inherent advantages of a formalized agreement viz. alignment of procurement policies, procedures & processes, capacity building, integration of payment systems, integration of ERP systems, end-to-end workflows, faster onboarding of MSEs, etc. ONGC is one of the biggest buyers in GeM.

On the occasion, ONGC was also handed over the certificate for 2nd ranked CPSE buyer on GeM portal during FY 2020-21 with a cumulative order value of 440.6 crores rupees. As per half yearly ranking released by GeM recently for FY 2021-22, ONGC is 2nd ranked CPSE buyer, with cumulative order value of approx. 2000 crores rupees.

Director (T&FS) O P Singh said that ONGC has a very robust and technology-driven procurement system in place and is trying to integrate that with GeM to get synergy benefits. JS & ACEO-GeM Deepak Kapoor lauded ONGC for bringing a wide range of products and services under the GeM platform. He noted that GeM is undergoing robust policy changes to facilitate its stakeholders with better services and big players like ONGC, with widespread demands for services and products, will be on high prioritization by the GeM. He said that suggestions from ONGC is critical for GeM to transform into a better entity. “The idea is to create a catalogue-based platform to make everyone get uniform facility.”


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