“One Week One Lab” a new initiative by CSIR-IMMT

Bhubaneswar : “One Week One Lab” an extended nationwide campaign of CSIR to showcase the technological breakthroughs and innovations of CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneswar was inaugurated by Dr. (Mrs.) N. Kalaiselvi, Honorable Director General CSIR & Secretary, DSIR in presence of Shri Hemant Sharma, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. Of Odisha Industries Department (Govt. of Odisha), Prof. (Dr) S. Basu, Director, CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneswar.
Dr. (Mrs.) N. Kalaiselvi visited CRTDH and Design & Project Engineering Slurry Pilot Plant, Mineral processing Pilot plant, Advanced Material Technology Dept. and Centre for Waste Utilization and Hydro & Electrometallurgy Dept. and Sea Bed Mineral Pilot Plant alongwith the officials of the respective departments.
Inaugurating “One Week One Lab” initiative Dr. (Mrs.) N. Kalaiselvi, said, Here at CSIR-IMMT, I visited the labs and found everything in its place and it is just beyond imagination that, I came here only with the expectation for metals & minerals but I could see number of medicinal values also here. It’s a great agglomeration of different facets which are required for equipment have their live as heavenly life on Rare Earth. Today we are happy to announce the launch of CSIR’s One Week, One Lab Campaign: it is the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)’s campaign to opportunities through deep tech Start-ups ventures.
Present on this occasion Shri Hemant Sharma, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. Of Odisha Industries Department said, It’s my pleasure to be here at CSIR -IMMT to celebrate the curtain raiser programme of One week One Lab which is the brainchild of our honorable PM. Our Industry Department and the MSME department work closely with CSIR-IMMT. Metal, mineral and Industry ecosystem of Odisha. IMMT plays a crucial role in maintain the On behalf of Govt of Odisha, I promise to extend all support to CSIR- IMMT for the great works.
Speaking about the initiative Prof. (Dr.) S Basu said, Today for the 1st time after Dr. Kalaiselvi became DG of CSIR & Secretary DSIR visited IMMT and we are celebrating the a curtain raiser program on one week one lab which is a programme Vision by PM Today we are establishing for the grater reach to the technocrats, industrialists, general public , Stakeholders like student, research scholars, will be show casing our lab and today is the prelude to that which we early take curtain raiser programme. Eeverything we will talk about & we will showcase that end-to-end resourcing material or metal which is the mineral and making of Metal & Alloys and from their fictionalization of metal or material to work or to give a specific work function to that material so that we can go to the device all end to end working on IMMT that is the punch line that end to end we work to sourcing to the application.
An MoU was signed between IMMT Bhubaneswar VCMD and APMD Govt of Andra Pradesh. Commenting on the signing of MoU Mr MVG Venkat Redy, Director mines VCMD and APMD regarding the pulling in black shell and beatification of bar-rites BSO4 in Berrium safe which is in Bungum fet and per annum of 3 million tonnes of ore we are going to extract now, in another mine is also going to come up shortly so this beatification that low grade to high grade so we want to do MoU. So that I came here- VG Venkat Redy Director mines VCMD and APMD
On this occasion the dignitary guests unveiled MinMart -the e newsletter of CSIR ITTM and the Hindi annual magazine Abhibyakti
Dr. Sujata Chaklanobis, Head, CRTDH, and her team visited and expressed her happiness with the activities and developments happening at CSIR-IMMT

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