Olectra- BYD first to deploy 100th Electric bus on Indian Roads

Hyderabad: In a significant development that marks its leadership in the Electric Bus space and cements its commitment to create ecologically sustainable mobility a reality, Olectra today became the first EV company in the country to cross the milestone of having over 100 electric buses commercially plying successfully on Indian roads. Olectra now has 108 electric buses across the states & cities of Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Pune, Kerala and now Telangana. So far, Olectra-BYD buses have clocked close to 6 Lac + kilometers which translates to the reduction of CO2 emissions up to 630 tonnes equivalent to 3,143 trees required to handle that much of carbon emission. Olectra-BYD is redefining the public transport landscape by continuously proving the use case, effectiveness and benefits of these solutions.
Olectra-BYD, which leads the Electric Bus segment in the country, has now the largest fleet of its Electric Buses successfully running in 4 States. By driving its buses in the diverse terrains of the country ranging from steep gradient in Kullu-Manali-Rohtang Pass Achievements of Olectra-BYD• Largest fleet of Electric Buses running commercially • Running in 5 cities across 4 States• First OEM to deploy buses under GCC model under FAME-1 scheme• India’s First Electric bus to complete successful trials at a steep gradient and over 13,000 feet altitude.(Himanchal Pradesh) to Rainy plains and hilly terrain of Kerala to highly congested Mumbai and Pune; Olectra buses have proved its quality, performance, comfort, reliability and convenience. Now, with the induction of 40 Electric Buses of 12-Meter length, Olectra has enabled TSRTC to deploy the largest fleet of Electric Buses by any STU in the country. This is also for the first time in the country that an electric bus of 12-meter length has been deployed commercially in the Public Transport service. These technologically advanced, zero Emission, low sound electric buses with kneeling mechanism were launched from the Miyapur Depot in the presence of Mr. Sunil Sharma, Principal Secretary for Transport, Roads & Buildings and Managing Director – TSRTC, Mr. Liu Xueliang, Managing Director – BYD India and BYD Asia Pacific, Mr. NK Rawal, Managing Director – Olectra, Mr. Ketsu Zhang, Executive Director – BYD, Mr. N Nagasatyam, Executive Director – Olectra,  India amongst other senior officials from TSRTC, Olectra -BYD.
Mr. NK Rawal, Managing Director – Olectra said, “Olectra-BYD has been in the forefront of the sustainable mobility revolution. We continue to be committed and focused on its agenda to provide world class mobility solutions that help reduce the carbon footprint in line with the Government’s efforts to address pollution levels in Indian cities. This milestone of crossing over 100 Electric Buses in the country is a tremendously significant development. ”

These 40 electric buses will ferry people to the Hyderabad International Airport from various locations in the city. On an average there are 10 Number of trips (one side) being made at the points daily where the buses will be deployed and ferry around 4.7 lac passengers on monthly basis. In addition to these 40 eBuses in TSRTC, 25 Olectra eBuzz K7 (9-meter) buses had started commercial operations in Pune as well last month contributing to the green cause.

“BYD is committed globally to promote electric vehicles to address environment concerns. We are happy to see Government of India rolling out FAME II to encourage electric mobility in India. BYD’s advanced technology in battery, electric motor and electric control – the three core components to any electric vehicle – and its reach and successful operation experience in 50 countries and regions and over 300 global cities, has proven the electric public transportation solution is ideal for India. With Olectra’s strong understanding of Indian market and focused approach, I have confidence that Olectra-BYD is well positioned to lead the Indian market and we have already witnessed very encouraging results,” commented Mr. Liu Xueliang, Managing Director – BYD India and BYD Asia Pacific.

Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India has sanctioned incentives for roll out of these 40 electric buses by TSRTC under FAME scheme. Only last week, Government announced FAME II scheme with an allocation of INR 10,000 Crores to incentivize the adoption of EVs in the country including 7,000 Electric Buses over 3 years. It will give a much-needed boost to the ecosystem and enable more STUs to deploy eBuses in their fleet.

Mr. Naga Satyam N, Executive Director Olectra said, “It is a proud moment for the country. Every citizen of country who uses the Olectra buses will be proud to know that they are contributing to nation building. Not only they are directly contributing to keeping India Clean and Green but also saving valuable foreign       exchange that would have gone into the import of Crude Oil. This is just the beginning of the positive impact on the ecology and the exchequer is only going to incrementally multiply as the number of buses increases.”

Mr. Wake Hirotoshi, Senior Advisor from BYD Japan, currently in India to advise on manufacturing process of electric buses being made in India by Olectra, said, “Adherence to quality is utmost importance to ensure the superior offering that deliver on all parameters of performance. We are bringing BYD’s global quality standards to Olectra.”