Odisha’s tableau showcased Rukuna Rath, Lingaraj Temple during 71st R-Day celebration

New Delhi: Odisha showcased its rich cultural heritage through a tableau featuring Lingaraj Temple and Rukuna Rath at the celebration of 71st Republic Day in New Delhi on Sunday.

The tableau designed by eminent artist Gajendra Sahu and co-assisted by Chatrapati Biswal and Tapan Moharana comprised a number of small shrines and enclosed by a large compound wall with beautiful scriptures.

The front part of the tableau denoted to the Rukuna Ratha was accompanied by a group of 30 Odissi artists.

While the Vahana of Lord Shiva with “Nandi” was seen guarding the main temple in the middle, the rear of the tableau displayed the temple of Lord Lingaraja with four distinct parts called Yajna Shala, Natya Shala, Garbh Griha and Bhoga Mandap.

The artists paid homage to Lord Shiva on a 69-second song based on Lord Shiva’s Tandava in the sanctum sanctorum in adoration.

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