Odisha’s Number 1 mall, Esplanade One celebrates their very first Boita Bandana with its patrons 

Bhubaneswar: It’s only fitting that Odisha’s largest mall celebrates the festivities being in a city which is rich with culture and heritage. Boita Bandana five consecutive days before the full moon, people gather near riverbanks or the seashore and float miniature boats in remembrance of their ancestors who once sailed to faraway lands. People of Odisha build miniature Boita’s, decorate it with lights and sail them away in near by lakes or rivers.

Fully aware of their responsibility towards the society and environment at large, Esplanade One invites people across Bhubaneswar to celebrate Boita Bandana at the pond which they have created within their premises. Besides the festivities, there are several offers and promotions that the national and international brands at Esplanade One are hosting for the locals.

Congratulating on this on the occasion Esplanade management said, “As we all know that on this festival of Boita Bandana, our ancestors used to sail faraway for trading, and since then we have been celebrating this occasion by sailing paper boats in river and ponds. This year on this occasion Esplanade has come up with an “Eco-Pond”, an eco friendly way of sailing boats where people can come and sail boats which will later be disposed avoiding water pollution and keeping our culture alive.”

Since opening its doors to the public in July 2018, Esplanade One has quickly climbed up the popularity charts amongst the locals. The mall is also keeping its social media pages abuzz with plenty of contests, giveaways and has already rewarded hundreds of its followers.